Thursday’s Doors ~ 65 William Street


This worn building still has 

“bones” and character.

It also has disrepair

and needs a little 

tender loving care.

I think it is a fair

offering to add to

Thursday’s Doors.

A collection of doors is

found and “captured” with

our main host and presenter 

of links to more doors at~

Norm Frampton’s blog:


Thanks for coming on my walk

to the library, where I pass this

house which is owned and lived in.

If you have a feature to point out,

it is always a pleasure to hear 

your generous thoughts.

My next post has a bit 

of history and the 

possible period

or  style  of

this worn,

red brick



22 responses »

  1. What a beauty … a little time-worn on her brickwork and those replacement windows would be so much prettier if they were restored to their former sashed or Georgian barred elegance (maybe even sashed Georgian bar …. my favourite of all) but the door stands out as a beacon reminding us that the house is very lovely indeed!

    • The door does appeal to me, showing they care about it very much, Fiona! There is an alley behind with a garage so I think they go in and out more there. I like your suggestions to make this appear attractive and back to its Georgian roots! 🙂

  2. It does look sadly neglected, but I agree that this home has ‘good bones’ 🙂
    I love the double doors and mini balcony over the main door and the buttresses (?) under the roof overhang.

  3. This is a great choice to feature for Thursday Doors, Robin. The building is tired, needs a littl TLC, but it really does have a warm feel to it. I hope it gets the care that it needs before the damage is past the point of repair.

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