Storm’s  a’brewing


The billowing, 



are preparing

to let loose of 

snow, sleet or rain.

This great photograph

was sent to me from my son,

James Matthew. 

My family think of me,

from years of watching clouds

While we either laid on a picnic

blanket or our beach towels,

during swimming pool 

breaks or rest periods.

Are you able to “read” 

upcoming weather conditions?


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    • I am grateful when something I did made a lasting impression. We have cooking together, as another connector between us, Chris. Thanks for liking this shot! 🙂
      During his stepdaughter’s cheering middle school football he will run through his recent collection. An elderly woman sitting behind us in the bleachers, leaned forward and said a very kind comment about our mother-son relationship.

    • There are moments of peace in placid, beautiful skies. In others, for me, there is terrific strength and power in the raging skies. I think it is interesting that you find peace in stormy clouds. 🙂 Thanks for letting us know this!

    • Thank you, Jill. When I worked on a high school play, I had a good friend named Tori. (Victoria) She adapted a line from the play, “Don’t forget to take an umbrella.” We started saying this to each other, while saying goodbye to each other on college breaks. Your words of, “Be safe in the storm,” reminded me of how we care about each other. I’ll return them and say, “You, too!” ❤

    • It is funny to see your cute slippers in your gravatar which hide those bunions from view, dear friend. 🙂 I am not able to “read” clouds as far as precipitation either. Thanks for saying the photo was lovely!

    • Thank you for saying it is a “great shot!” It is really hard for me not to look up, Merril. It just is ingrained by now into my first thing I do as I leave my apartment building. Partly, since during winter months I rarely leave my blinds up and curtains open.

    • Thank you for sharing this practice, as you get out of your car. The stars are so magical and sparkling! Merril, I saw “Hidden Figures” and it was very nicely done. It carefully unfolded stories of the amazing women who beat the odds to help John Glenn and the early space program.

    • You certainly have clouds in almost every set of hiking posts. I love the way you remembered to include those sketchy television meterologists, Dan. It is funny, since if they can’t tell us accurately, how are we supposed to be able to determine the weather? 😀

    • Sarah, this is great to know about your mother and you, dear. 🙂 It is almost a “passion” for all of us, my children and I.
      I think you noticed it becoming even more special due to the source. . . so insightful. xoxo

    • Diana, so glad you enjoyed this sky. I can imagine those leafless trees of yours, swaying and bending sometimes under the wind. Outside my apartment picture window are mainly tall pines and some spruce. There are crows and possibly blackbirds who “caw” loudly in the early mornings.

    • That is how I can remember whose photo this one is from, Marissa. 🙂 I am one who takes mainly blue skies, moonscapes or colorful sunsets. My son notices storms carrying snow or rain. I keep hoping for lightning captured in a photo! Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • It does make me smile, Inese. Thank you for this thoughtful comment. ❤
      My two daughters tend to give me trinkets or pretty photos via text messages. My son thinks of me when they have a big dinner and will text me to stop by. (He will run out to my car with a "to go" box after work) or intriguing photos.

    • It is nice to have instilled this, I agree. Parents have their special ways they reached and touched their children’s hearts and habits. I am sure your grown children have amazing memories and triggers for them, Beth. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It makes us have one of those common threads which we share a love of nature, including skies. Amy, who helped you choose loving nature, flowers, hiking and animals? 🙂 I hope you will keep us apprised of your sweet cat’s health and wishing there be all healthy to last the year. Wouldn’t this be lovely? ❤ xo

    • Jen, I like your including the warm winds and sunsets! The way the clouds move in the wind, shifting shapes fascinates me. Thank you! ❤
      Warm days have me relaxing in grass, on a blanket or a towel in the sand. Usually kids ("grandies") with me, searching the skies.

      • Thank you ! Our warm days at the moment though are extremely hot, so being outside is a no go zone. When it cools down a little then it’s outside with a book to relax. 💜

      • I can feel the heat radiating over to here, Jen. Be careful and don’t get burned!
        I love going outside to read in the warmer days! I walk over to the university campus and read on a bench under trees. 🙂

    • Oh, this is very insightful! Sarah, this makes sense that you are able to read your local clouds. You have certainly put in the time outdoors with sweet Choppy on daily walks. 🙂

    • Oh, aching joints make me sad for you, Ann, and for others. I love cloud reading or imaginings. It would be nice to be less rushed and have more chances to enjoy (nice) weather.

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