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Winter projects ~ Puzzles, part 1


“Calming jar,”

recipe online with ~

water, glue, sparkle glitter,

sequin stars and mason jar.

Box of 12 puzzles:  worked on

first one with my guy friend.

We completed second one 

with my little shadow,

Micah, who turns a 

nice even, Big 8

while his great uncle

(grand uncle Rich)

turns a fun 58!

Yes, fifty years

between the two!

Today is ~

February 27, 2017.

Happy Monday to you!

Are you working on any

“inside home” projects?

Memories of a perpetual

card table set up in our 

family room with one 

very tough puzzle:

Imagine a month of 

completing a 




Leaning over the fairgrounds fence


The sky was changing and becoming
alive with colors and emotions.
Sometimes we may just study 
the details to imprint them 
on our minds. Other times, we 
cannot resist sharing with a 
person passing by, if we are
walking. Others times, we push 
ourselves to find an opening in the
scenery to get a clear picture.
One to carry with us, on our cell
phone. Just to open and sense the 
eye opening experience once again.
It is getting cooler, but still we 
shall have warm days, cool nights
and magical carpet rides.
Looks like a great clearing
to run, settle on it, hang on tight!
Come drift along on your carpet
beside me out into the blue yonder.


This was written in the Fall, 2016.

I tried to fit in it, but we had 

Delaware County Fair,

All Horse Parade, 


and just

saw this. . .

Wishing you a bit of green 

nature and happy to know,

less than thirty days til

Spring is sprung! 

Highbanks Overlook, Aunt Felicia and Micah


Here are two “babies” in 

a group of one big

happy family.

Micah’s baby brother 

to Skyler.

Felicia is baby sister 

of  Carrie and Jamie.

Hope you float,

fly or soar





I sometimes

show it; often

will tell you:

I love you all!



Photograph taken,

Fall scenery,

Highbanks Park.

Early morning’s glow


Cherish morning

rays peering through,

shining upon pine needles.

Mist rising in the background,

there’s lavender blush above.

Golden patches shine out!

Labyrinth barely displayed

tucked between tree trunks.

Gaze across shimmering creek,

 arbor of pines, spruce, 

and branches lift

your spirit.


Photo and



by Robin.

(January, 2017)

Baby Hendrix, 18 months


Very excited baby Hendrix,

hands cannot stay still on knees.

A few outtakes and we were giggling!

Many who ask me at my work,

my lunch tablemates especially,

say, “My, how big he is getting!”

Time sure flies when you are 

having fun and laughter!

Oh, by the way~

my son and Baby Hendrix

may cheer for Cincinnati Bengals

but I am a Cleveland Browns fan!

🙂  🙂

Tell me, please. . .

what Fun and/or


have you had lately?

xo  🙂  xo

Thursday’s Doors ~ barn at the curve of the road


Not sure if you would find bales of hay,

straw or just farm equipment 

“behind the barn door.”

You may know local farms

have fields of soybeans

starting to show green.

This barn door may

also have a piece of

plywood leaning 

against it.

Here is a great link 

to Thursday’s Doors 

post founder,

Norm Frampton at:

Have fun seeking doors through

these internet bloggers’ links!

Magenta pink hibiscus sends a Valentine’s message


Odes to flowers,

poems of love,

red and orange flames

of passion while the

deep, luxurious pink

of magenta deserves

adoration and warm regards.

The male stamen thrusts 

like a sword of passion and

romance while still staying 

“in touch with his feminine side.”


Thanks for reading my response

~ or ode to bright, cheery fuschia ~

Your thoughts are always 

appreciated, while your poetic

words add so much more. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

💖    🍥    🌸    🎶