The Creative Foundations Logo (part 3 of Thursday’s Doors)


You are going to love this!

Check out more doors using

door links at our fearless leader

Norm Frampton’s blog!

Hope the groundhog sees his

shadow, which means the

sun better come out so

Punxsutawney Phil

gets scared!

Here is Norm’s

Home base:

Thanks for looking and if this

link doesn’t make sense 

there are 2 other posts.

I am heading to my

hometown of 



*In honor of my 

parents’ anniversary

which had Dad lived~

it would have been their

#62 Anniversary.


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    • Deborah, so nice to know your grandson asked about Punxsutanwey Phil’s first vision today! Yummy, cocoa! 🙂
      At work, we were joking and saying this, “Don’t they mean at least 8 weeks more of winter?!” We never stop freezing until April is midway through!

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