Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations, part two 


Please check the link to 

see information about this

non-profit organization.

Here is a chance to see another

angle of the “storefront” of a

great place to hang out.

You will literally

“make” someone’s

or many people’s


Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Happy door hunting at

Norm Frampton’s blog,

the founder and manager 

of outstanding door links at:

Hope you have a wonderful time
exploring Thursday’s Doors!


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    • Thanks so much for taking the time to check these extra posts out on Creative Foundations, Luanne. Our town has discounted, assisted rent for non-profits who want to have a building downtown.
      It really sends a message to the university students and to my own young grandkids. If a community doesn’t support “the least of these” what is this implying? At the library, there is a sandwich board sign during winter months, which says daily where the warm place to sleep is and where a free dinner is being served. Our church hosts warm overnights and four meals a month, joining many churches. ❤

      • I am blessed to have chosen here 31 years ago, Luanne. I may not pick men well (college pal, Patrice says 😉 ) but I chose a caring place to live! Not kidding or exaggerating. It is how I am able to cope with less stellar lifestyle than raised with. . . Thanks, dear friend from Michigan. ❤

      • What a wonderful choice. The place we live is so important. I am trying to focus on the positive about where I live and realize that it’s so much better than so many places.

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