St. John’s Hospital roof scenery


Mom’s in the local hospital, 

with a diagnosis of having

contracted pneumonia!

The beauty in the sky,

 along with shiny

vents, hoods and pipes

created a combination of

natural clouds, blue sky and

manufactured hardware 

up on the rooftops.

Imitating musical album, 

Industrial style

artwork on

Pink Floyd’s 

“Animals” song, “Pigs.”


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  1. Robin, one of those posts I don’t want to ‘like’ as worrying to read about your mother having pneumonia. I wish her a speedy recovery and thinking of you both. Even in time of concern you find the poetic in the mix of nature and industrial, reflection never ceases really! Take care and hugs to you both. ❤️

    • Annika, I really appreciate your special thoughts. It is hard to like posts with sad or unfortunate situations. I didn’t respond in a timely manner. The photo was taken on my cellphone on Friday upon arrival, from then on was fairly busy or occupied.
      Hope you had an uneventful weekend! 🙂

  2. You stop to see the beauty in the world, even a hospital rooftop. Yes, it is very beautiful, and so are your words. Thank you, Robin, and I hope your mother is recovering.

  3. So sorry to hear about your mom, Robin! I hope she’s feeling better soon.
    The photos is cool–like some kind of alien landscape.
    The co-op where my mom lived for many years had a rooftop garden, but there were also the vents and such amidst the flowers and planters.

  4. Sorry to hear that your mother is sick, Robin. I wish her all the best and hope she quickly comes out of this well. Your rooftop photo is something unique and new. Good idea. All the best for your mom.

    • Anneli, thank you for your heartfelt words for my Mom, as well as my picture.
      Her pneumonia was caught in time and the antibiotics seem to be working well. She was participating in OT and PT this Sunday morning. Her memory seems declining and Ashe lost 8 pounds since November.
      I think there is a poem or something about technology in that scene but I couldn’t figure one out! 🙂

  5. It is hard hitting the ‘like’ button on hearing your mom is unwell Robin – it’s more a case of letting you know I have been by I suppose. I do so hope your mom is bouncing back and will soon be returned to her home, as good as new. Sending love and good health!

    • Pauline, your sending her love and good health was such a special gift! I know what you mean about liking posts with sad or unfortunate situations mentioned. . .
      My brother, Rich, and I made the difficult decision to move Mom to a safer environment. Her mind had her wandering outside once this past week in very cold weather. She said a child was missing under her care.
      I was able to stay from 3 pm on Friday until 1 pm today (Sunday here). Mom and I had some good talks, a few repeated comments but overall, she is “on the mend.” Her OT and PT exercises wore her out but her appetite seemed to be renewed. Thank you!

    • It is always nice to have prayers for my Mom or any family member, Luanne. Thank you!
      It is good that a strange situation occurred which caused my brother, Rich, to take her to urgent care. (She was wandering outside looking for “a child under her care,” without a coat!)
      They checked for UTI and TIA’s, and sent her home with him. In the morning, she fell and this had my SIL heading back to hospital.
      All of this to say, the antibiotics are working wonders, she had PTand Ot this morning. She’ll go to the senior living apt complex to the skilled nursing area.
      We are choosing to take her after she is released from their care to a Memory Care unit which we checked out last December. We had hoped not to put her under lockdown but she has been delusional at times in late evenings when no one notices her behavior. Hugs xo

    • Hi Doreen! Hugs sent your way, dear. It was nice to receive your wish for Mom’s recovery. Also, so happy you got the Pink Floyd reference. This post was thrown together, but wanted to let my friends know why there may be gaps off and on, getting Mom moved into Memory Care possibly next weekend. She’ll go to the skilled nursing area to meet PT and OT goals, then rather than go back to independent living, this room came open. 🙂

      • That is good news for her Robin! What a worry… you are a good daughter and so blessed to be close enough to be on hand for the transition. In my own mind. My mum is still healthy in her 50s – it is tough watching her health suffer now in her 70s. Aging ain’t for wimps! 😘

    • Thank you, Diana. The antibiotics are doing their job and she was rallying when I left. She’ll go to skilled nursing to complete Ot and PT goals.
      Unfortunately, (or fortunately-?) a room came open in the Memory Care unit. We had put Mom on a waitlist in December but had hoped it wouldn’t be until Summer. Mom has said she wanted a smaller room than the independent living apartment she lives in. Her wandering around has become worse, reported that she was outdoors in freezing weather on Thursday. She is cognizant in morning and afternoon, but wanders in the evening and none of the areas are under “lockdown.” Neither do they keep an eye out when she leaves out the door past the front desk.
      I am careful with my health but always glad to be cared about so will say: “take care of yourself,” too.

      • Oh dear. I think it’s probably fortunate that a room became available. Safety matters, of course, and it’s a relief that she’s prefers a smaller room. What a hard time, Robin. I hope your mom has many good days ahead. ❤

    • I am sorry to hear that you had pneumonia and spent time in the hospital. She seems to be responding to the antibiotics IV’s. Thanks for your concern.
      Looking out the third floor window, this seems surreal with its juxtaposition of the mechanical setting against natural skies. Not quite surreal enough to compare to Salvador Dali, Deborah. . . but his art crossed my mind. 🙂

  6. The picture is another proof of your wonderful talent to find beauty in unlikely places. I’m so terribly sorry for your mom and I hope so much she gets well very very soon!! I’m sending love and healing thoughts!!! 😚 Hope she doesn’t have to stay long in hospital. XOXOXO

  7. Your Mom sure has an adventuresome daughter! I did go up the ladder to close a hatch on our roof at work—less interesting than your roof is! Question: What do you think of my moving all my reblogs–including yours and Holly’s –to my alternate website and keeping THE MIGHTY MUMFORD solely for my own work? I do hope your Mom can shake pneumonia. Is it her first time?

  8. Robin I am sending my positive wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. I had pneumonia in 2010, it was no picnic. ❤

  9. Florence and I just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas, and I came across your post in my inbox. I am sorry to learn of your mother’s illness. I have she recovers quickly! – Mike

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