Trees make me feel. . .


Instead of the song,

“You Make Me Feel. . .

(“Natural Woman”)


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    • Jill, thanks for asking about my Mom. ❤ I came home to return to work but my brother says she is still improving, along with participating in her therapies.
      I plan on going up over next weekend and packing what she will need at skilled nursing for a week or so, then what to take to the Memory Care unit. A room came open and although expensive, Mom will have better individual care as well as this is a friendly place to be in. Changes have me feeling stressed and worried how Mom will handle this…

      • Good to know, Robin. We are following similar paths with our moms. My mom fell and broke her leg on Christmas Day. It’s been a long road since then. She’s now out of rehab and onto a newer, more upper level memory care unit. Thinking of you and wishing you and your mom the best.

      • Pam, I am sorry to hear this about your Mom. She may be more cognitive than mine, especially since my Mom tends to go downhill, as the day progresses.
        I hope your mother will continue to heal and progress. I wish you, your mom and whole family special moments in time together. ❤
        When my Mom fell and broke her hip, two years ago, they told her it would take a full year for her hip to stop feeling pain. She is fine in most areas of her body.
        I repeat like a mantra to myself, "Thank you Lord, for my dear mother. May I have more time with her?"

      • I’m happy to hear she’s doing better, but I’m sorry to know you’re under so much stress. If it makes you feel any better, I know what you’re going through as I’m experiencing some major life changes as well with aging parents. I’ll keep you in my prayers, Robin. ❤

      • Oh, it is sad and no, I don’t want others to have to go through such difficult choices, Jill. Thank you for sharing and now I will keep your Mom and Dad, as well as you and Derek, in my prayers. ❤

    • “Gentle giants” is a perfect description of these trees! I think it is a blessing to be under these towering trees. They remind me of Cypress trees and Sequoias. Thank you, Sarah, for wishing we could walk, talk and sit under these and have a pleasant visit together. ❤ 🙂

      • Thank you so much my wonderful friend!! 😄 I often have to think about you and your eyes too and constantly send my healing wishes to you dear! I hope so much they have improved by now? And how is your back? Have you recovered from that slip along the icy steps? Xxxxxxx

      • Sarah, thanks for your concern. ❤ I went to work with my bruised back. Eventually, I realized it was fading and doesn't hurt anymore. My eye is okay and I shouldn't complain. You are so nice to listen and take my words to heart. I should use more drops in my eye which I had surgery on. If only your eyes were feeling better or were healed. . .

      • I´m so glad your back is better, Robin! My mom once had a similar fall a couple of years ago and cracked one or two rips. Of course, there´s nothing much one can do about this expect waiting till it heals on its own account. But it sounds tough that you had to go to work with your injury… 😦 But come to think of it, my mom did the same 😉 it´s seems you two have much in common 😀
        I think forgetting to take your drops more often is a good sign! Means that it is healing and doesn´t bother you too much anymore. But it´s definitely better to still take the drops! As we both know, eyes are fragile organs that need special care…
        After 3 months sleeping each night with huge sunglasses to prevent myself from accidentally scratching my eye at night, I finally sleep without them. It´s been a week now and I really hope I won´t need to wear them again as they caused quite a bit of pain on my nose, especially since I need to wear glasses at day too! I still take drops and cremes and can´t use any eye make up which I somehow have come used to by now, but which I miss from time to time anyway… it´s silly I know 😉
        Have a lovely rest of the week, Robin! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo ❤

    • I like the way you let me know that your Mom had some of the same experiences. I was impressed in her powering through her broken ribs at work. I got bruised but nearly as serious an injury, Sarah!
      I will try to put my eye drops in my eyes more frequently. Thanks for being so protective. ❤ xo

    • Thank you, Sylvia. 🙂 This is a nice area of one of my favorite cemeteries close to where Mom lives. The variety of trees is amazing. The time I visited over the weekend, snow was upon the ground. I like this older picture better than recent ones.

    • Carol, thanks dear! ❤ I like that you knew what I meant. Trees have so much to use our senses with and absorb their "gifts."
      One gift you reminded me of, by touching the bark of an older tree, seems like the peaceful feelings become absorbed into our essence.
      I really like how you also made the tree be an "old friend," then gliding into the James Taylor song, "You've Got a Friend!" 🙂

    • You have a valid point, Ann! 🙂 Trees do have the ability to make us feel or seem insignificant.
      I love the words you chose including strength and grandeur. Glad you like this song, too. I will hum along with you!

    • This is fantastic, Pamela! We need all the hope we can find in this busy, crowded and confusing world. Thank you! Hopeful is the word I will think of when I look at trees.
      They offer us so much for all the disrespect we give them.

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