Thursday’s Doors ~ February 9, 2017: eating healthy restaurant


This is the side patio door!

We watched the sun go down 

and wished it were a warm day,

sitting on the deck or patio.

Here’s my Thursday’s Doors

Leader and good friend, 

Norm Frampton.

His blog has plenty of 

links to other doors 

which may lead you to 

other countries, areas or

open doors in your mind!

Happy doors to you!


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    • Sorry, Jill! You are so kind to ask and then you found it out on next post.
      After work, I stopped at two houses to drop off Valentine’s day goodies. A sweet Hendrix is happy to have a new stuffed polar bear. He ran around showing it and letting each child in the family hug it. He walks around with arms outstretched regularly now. Not to get up but for us to lean down. πŸ™‚
      The boys at my oldest daughter’s house were excited about chocolates. Cards with money instead of toys works at their house.
      Have a special weekend, Jill!

    • There is a fire on the other side of that tall chimney, Deborah. We sat two tables away. You were right about the fires on the outside, too! πŸ™‚
      They have grain bowls, salad bowls or soup broth bowls. In the choices you can go vegetarian, add chicken, tofu or beef for proteins. Then there are delicious veggies to point at and they add them. Thanks for sharing the progress among your family in their healthy choices. My grandchildren are better than their parents in many regards! πŸ™‚

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