Thursday’s Doors ~ Core Life, third view


This is a great, nutritious place

my youngest daughter and I met

to eat a healthy dinner.

Here’s a link to a wonderful

group I participate in,

all of us take photos of doors.

I liked our food, atmosphere

and fresh ingredients!

Outside, the blazing braziers

warmed this very chilly 

evening appearance,

really the way we

felt, warmed our


Here’s a link to a man

fellow blogger who is

also a doors lover,

Our friend and

founder of

Thursday’s Doors, 

Norm Frampton:

Happy door looking!

Have a wonderful weekend, too!

I’ll be traveling to see my Mom,

as soon as work finishes, Friday.


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    • Thanks so much for asking about my Mom. xo Merril, she got transferred to a rehabilitation center to receive strengthening therapies yesterday. She’ll stay there for their recommended time and then, unfortunately, we have decided she may need better care than her senior living apartment with the personalized care of helping with meds, laundry and getting her to go to at least two meals daily.
      She will be going to a Memory Care unit next. An apartment became available, while she was in the hospital. She has declining memory as the day goes on, making a few dangerous choices since weather is too cold without a coat or her choice of skipping meals. . .

      • Oh, I’m sorry to hear this, Robin. My mom is still in an apartment where she goes down for meals (usually just once a day), but her memory is starting to go a bit, too. I hope her transition goes smoothly.

    • You could choose a salad based bowl, a healthy grains bowl, a soup with items in it or just the toppings as a meal. The bowls are made individually as you point out what you would like in or in it. Thanks, Chris! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lisa. 🙂 It did appear inviting to us!
      I will be packing up boxes between visits to my Mom. She’ll be going to a smaller place in a Memory Care unit. Safety and her well- being will be much more likely to be given there.

    • I like that you really looked and studied the restaurant’s architectural design, Anneli. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind thoughts about my Mom. She was released from the hospital to a rehabilitation center until she regains her strength. Pneumonia knocked her through a loop!
      My Mom likes to hear about my blog. She used to give me ideas for quotes or poems. I will tell her and show her to remind her of your posts. We like to read about your dogs, the birds and critters. Your clever and funny conversations are things she has enjoyed in the past. I love the beauty in your photos among other things. ❤

  1. Robin, this looks so welcoming and I’d beat a hasty trail to the doors out of the chill! Hope you and your daughter had a lovely meal and a relaxing break in this worrying time for you. Warmest thoughts. ❤️️😀

  2. I like the name. I would stop and have a meal there.

    I have read the comments about your mother. It is so very sad and difficult to accept that someone you knew as a bright capable person is losing their memory and quality of life. Sending you hugs and love xxxx

  3. I’m glad you were out for a nice healthy dinner, Robin 🙂 Your latest comments to me at the blog were beautiful and I thank you for them.. Keep sharing your light and know I appreciate it ❤

  4. Robin, thanks for sharing this particular set of doors. When at first I looked at it, I didn’t appreciate the doors because they were so contemporary but as I looked closer I saw the beauty. These doors allow us to look in and look out. These doors remind me we are both individuals and part of a collective. As a traditional gal, thanks for reminding me of the value of contemporary doors.

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