Thursday’s Doors ~ barn at the curve of the road


Not sure if you would find bales of hay,

straw or just farm equipment 

“behind the barn door.”

You may know local farms

have fields of soybeans

starting to show green.

This barn door may

also have a piece of

plywood leaning 

against it.

Here is a great link 

to Thursday’s Doors 

post founder,

Norm Frampton at:

Have fun seeking doors through

these internet bloggers’ links!


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  1. That’s an absolutely wonderful picture …. and by the way, I have been meaning to say your ‘Gravatar’ picture is stunning. Very beautiful lady you are, in every way xx

    • It was what I found, as I meandered home from Cleveland. I took the off the beaten path road! I had hoped to find sheep, horses or cows!
      This photo is a selfie! I was rather impressed with the way it came out but am not a good editor at getting glare out. . .Thanks, dear Fiona. hugs xo

    • Chris, the dark skies were clearing out as I traveled south from Cleveland to my home. I loved the brightness after a rainstorm! This barn is off the main road. I spotted another smaller barn and followed my impulse! 🙂

      • It’s okay to have a bit of snow this weekend; our little town is having a winter carnival. After Sunday, it can all melt and the daffodils can bloom. 😊

    • It was like serendipity, since I was seeing a smaller barn back a few miles, pulled off the main road and kept on following this curving road. . . thanks, Shehanne! ❤ Don't you love when your instinct pulls you a certain way? 🙂 Give those rascals a little scritchy scratch on their ornery noggins from me! xoxo

    • Thanks, Dee! If you have not read about my lack of follow through on blogging, I am sorry to have not been staying connected. It is partly since the past few weekends, after work on Fridays, I have been going up to see my Mom. She had pneumonia and a few bouts of confusion. We have her arrangements made to go live in Memory Care, my brother and I had to pack up her stuff to move from a bigger space into a smaller, safer and more staff supervised location.
      I am heading over to hear what’s up with you! ❤ xo

  2. I like that we both chose barns and a silo to feature today. Great minds think alike – isn’t that what they say, Robin?

    I think, after churches and really old buildings, I like barns the best.

    • I am finally getting to the comments here but then will visit everyone! Thanks, Dan for letting me know about your today’s door post. “Great minds” is right!
      I also like churches and old buildings which show character.

    • I was blessed with some outside help from Mother Nature, Inese. I liked the way you analyzed the scene’s elements with your excellent photographic eye. ❤ Take it easy and hope you are feeling better, dear. xoxo

    • Hugs, hugs and kisses, Cheryl! It seems like quite awhile ago, when we first were friends that my Mom liked your recipes and fun atmosphere on your blog. She would sit in a chair in her senior living community room, beside mine while I would show her what a blog is, who were the ones who add so much to our lives; like You!

      Mom is improving from her pneumonia and participating in OT and PT. My brother Randy and I packed her apartment up and threw stuff out and took bags to the local Goodwill. We have her move in date on Saturday into Memory Care unit. Thank you, how’s everything in your warm neck of the woods? xo

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