Early morning’s glow


Cherish morning

rays peering through,

shining upon pine needles.

Mist rising in the background,

there’s lavender blush above.

Golden patches shine out!

Labyrinth barely displayed

tucked between tree trunks.

Gaze across shimmering creek,

 arbor of pines, spruce, 

and branches lift

your spirit.


Photo and



by Robin.

(January, 2017)


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    • Thank you so much, Chris. It is a wonderful part of the Ohio Wesleyan University campus. Luckily I live right next door to this nice place to read a book or view a sunrise through the trees.
      Hope your week starts out well! πŸ™‚

    • This foresight is one I admire in you, Dan. πŸ™‚ Some may wish for buds on the trees or the underbrush to be cut in this area, but I like this scene just as it is. So, you may see beyond the immediate view and off into the misty morn.

    • When Felicia lived with me the summers of 2006-’08, we often took a sheet over to this area under the pines or evergreens. It was perfect to read, to eat a sandwich or talk about life together. I still walk over one of three bridges that cross this stream and sit on a bench and read or student/people watch, Jill. Thanks for your suggestion of a picnic! πŸ™‚

    • I can tell you are an early riser and fellow “morning sojourner,” Beth. Your comments are often the first ones I receive. Thank you sincerely. ❀
      We may be seeking the warmth and higher spots. We are off and running, me on my caffeine and a snack of some kind!

    • Oh, so glad I sent you some blogging sunshine, Diana! πŸ™‚ I am happy this may have brightened your day a bit. The atmospheric scene reminded me of one of your female characters walking through woods and out into a meadow with light and sparkles from the reflected sun. If it isn’t a scene like that it reminds me of one you wrote. . . . hugs xo

    • I am glad to hear you are an early riser, Marissa. If we ever visit each other, this means our first moments in the morning won’t be wasted by being in bed and sleepyheads! πŸ˜€

      • That’s true…you just have to give me some time to get myself together. I was just telling my daughter…whenever i stay with my husband’s family they think there is an open door policy and I’m always forced to host when I’m still in my pajamas!!

      • Laughing and chuckling, Marissa. Coffee always helps! I would allow you time and space. I do think you would be a wonderful host! Plus most of my pajamas are almost like sweats! (A version of clothes. . .) πŸ˜€

    • This was exactly like I had hoped one fellow blogger might feel like doing. πŸ™‚
      There are three bridges to choose from to cross over this stream next door to my apartment building. My grandkids like to drop things off the first bridge and run to the third one and wait for a twig, maple key or acorn to make it along the water. Also, just to set the scene, in the Spring mallard ducks and their mates arrive and wake me up at 4 am quacking! Ha ha!
      My oldest grandson (at age 11) said one Saturday, “I think they are having a romantic party on the creek, Nana!”

      • Oh, I love these tidbits! I used to play that same racing game with my father, putting sticks in the water. And called my grandmother Nana :-). It sounds like you’re making happy memories with them in a beautiful place. The world could use a little more of that right now!

      • Yes! I am happy there are some common threads in the stories of our lives. You are much more dynamic in your work position while I have become a warehouse worker. My brother and SIL make me smile by adding comfort to my self image: “You get paid to build your muscles!” πŸ˜‰ Well, not as much pay but my life is happy. Thank you, Kristine for your friendly additions here! xo

    • The days certainly do rush by us, Luanne. This is a wonderful addition to remind us to “Cherish it because too soon it’s nightfall!” Thank you for always making a poetic or philosophical comment that builds on to my own thoughts! ❀ hugs xo

      • It is so hard to believe how it just slip slides away. (Paul Simon’s description) Luanne, hope our lives cross paths and we have a chance to meet. My “big” trip this year is going to be to Long Beach, Mississippi. (Nov., 2017) My maid of honor for my first wedding and friend since freshman year of BGSU lives part of her year in Charlevoix, Michigan and the fall and winter in Mississippi. I haven’t ever met up with her there but Lakewood, Ohio is close to where I went to high school so we visited there. My guy friend Bill and I took a road trip up to Charlevoix and it was magical and beautiful. Patrice’s sister owns Castle Farms which is charming like a miniature Camelot. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, that sounds like such a fun trip ahead of you! And fun ones you already had, too! I was just there, in MS, by the way. When we were in New Orleans we drove up to Gulfport . . . . So beautiful around there. You are going to love it! You will be there exactly one year after I was there.

      • Oh, my girlfriend wants me to land at the Gulfport Airport, but I really want to land in New Orleans so I may get a chance to see the sights. I plan on renting a car and she already refuses to go to N. O. She did say she would get a couple of place’s names to visit and check out. πŸ™‚ Do you have a favorite sight to see or place to eat?

      • I can imagine that someone might get sick of the New Orleans experience after going there a lot. Maybe she’s had her full. But it would be so nice for YOU to be able to go there! A favorite place in NO? Not really. We ate where we could find gluten free food for the gardener. Our favorite restaurant for our needs turned out to be a Japanese restaurant we went to 2 or maybe 3 times, but if you’re only there for a day you will want Cajun or Creole food, I’m guessing! Just so others know, the Japanese restaurant that was so good and so considerate of the gardener’s dietary constraints was http://poseidonnola.com/.

      • Thank you for recommending this fine gluten free and attentive restaurant. Also thanks for your agreeing I simply MUST visit N.Orleans when I make the trip, Luanne! πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

      • You are so very welcome, dear! ❀
        We are like old friends, "see" each other in spurts and "pick up where we left off," Amy! I truly do admire how you sacrifice time and energy in your loving care of your dear cat family members. Your photographs are treasures and you know how I love art? Yours are superb! xoxo

      • Bless you, dear Robin!! I work overtime and then some to get things right with my cats. What I have been discovering lately I am documenting because it is just that important. For people to listen and to believe me, well, that’s another thing. I’m starting with my personal friends. And I might post something here on what I have discovered. I don’t know. I have to listen to my Heart. And I thank you about my photography. That is where my LOVE lies and flows from there. Love you!!! ❀

      • You definitely share your full attention with your babies, dear. ❀ I liked how you posted about natural treatments and innovative programs of healing, Amy. ❀

  1. Bless! This is a beautiful photo with the sun tantalisingly visible through the trees and I enjoy your heartfelt words of the scene. My spirits are lifted and it’s almost as if I can smell the pine needles! πŸ˜€ This reminds me so much of Sweden.

    • Annika, this makes me happy to know that somewhere close by has elements of Sweden. In the early morning, I hear birds chirping cheerily who make me remember my Grandpa whose family came here from the Nordic region.
      Your description of the “sun tantalisingly visible,” (peering through tree branches) is an extra part of the effects displayed. Oh yes! Pine needles smell fresh in the early autumn as they carpet this area. . . πŸ™‚

    • Inese, so happy to share this scenery captured close to my apartment building! I also love pine needles and the way you recognized the sun’s effect upon them, as well as upon the beech leaves. ❀ We are blessed by the gifts bestowed upon us from nature and from above! xoxo

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