Leaning over the fairgrounds fence


The sky was changing and becoming
alive with colors and emotions.
Sometimes we may just study 
the details to imprint them 
on our minds. Other times, we 
cannot resist sharing with a 
person passing by, if we are
walking. Others times, we push 
ourselves to find an opening in the
scenery to get a clear picture.
One to carry with us, on our cell
phone. Just to open and sense the 
eye opening experience once again.
It is getting cooler, but still we 
shall have warm days, cool nights
and magical carpet rides.
Looks like a great clearing
to run, settle on it, hang on tight!
Come drift along on your carpet
beside me out into the blue yonder.


This was written in the Fall, 2016.

I tried to fit in it, but we had 

Delaware County Fair,

All Horse Parade, 


and just

saw this. . .

Wishing you a bit of green 

nature and happy to know,

less than thirty days til

Spring is sprung! 


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  1. Such a glorious sky, Robin! πŸ˜€ Easy to get lost in ones thoughts staring at it. Oh yes, I’ll join you on the magic carpet ride – I have my special one to hand on which my son and I rode around the world on when he was a toddler and of course all the teddies came along too! So I’m not the only one counting down the days until Spring!! I can’t wait…hopefully the warmth will come too! πŸ˜€β™₯️

    • Oh, it is delightful to have you come along, Annika! We will show each other our favorite sights!
      I can imagine your son and you enjoying rides while sharing magical moments on imaginary carpet rides. Of course, his teddy bears traveling along for adventures. πŸ™‚

    • Spring is only a month or two away, Juan. πŸ™‚ I posted 2-3x weekly but didn’t visit as much.
      I was busy for 3 weekends in a row, helping decide what to do about Mom’s care. She was found wandering in bitter cold, had pneumonia and went to see her in hospital. She spent five days in hospital, then rehab for PT/OT exercises for two weeks. Next weekend, I traveled back to Cleveland for tours of memory care units with my brothers.
      We had hoped her daily routine and hiring a scaffolding of personal care workers would last awhile (set this up last July.) I helped Randy pack her stuff that would fit in smaller space and my oldest daughter came to pick up a few pieces of furniture.
      Finally, settled in last Saturday. She seems content! πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing ok. I felt bad for your losing sweet buddy cat, Toonce. ❀

  2. Beautiful Robin! I love observing the sky from our home – we have an ever changing view of weather and light. And I find it comforting that most human beings on this planet love a colourful sunset or a glorious sunrise…

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