Snow over Blue Limestone quarry



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    • Thank you! I have been trying to stay relaxed, Beth. . . . The snow wasn’t much on Thursday but it was funny how large the “snowballs” instead of flakes were! πŸ™‚
      My car has to be towed today since it stopped working on Friday (and it wasn’t the 13th~ ha ha ha!) Son and his grandpa in law tried various new parts. Lucky, for my auto parts discount πŸ˜€

    • Oh, Merril! I love this way you could “see” the various movements in this “still” shot. It definitely could have been set to symphonic music.
      Stopped to check this out, as I headed over to high school to listen to multiple grade levels play their strings. This set my mood to a positive place. Skyler has played the bass (like a cello, for those readers who may think rock guitar! πŸ˜‰ ) since 4th grade and it was nice to hear also the high upper grade levels “close” the two hour concert. πŸ™‚

    • It is nice that the two grown children chose to live here close by, Merril. I am lucky and the music was lovely. Spring concert spans so many grades, using just two songs each. πŸ™‚
      My parents liked that all three of us played instruments, but my grandparents liked the tape recordings of our home “concerts.” They lived too far once they moved to Florida. Only one of my three children played through high school.

  1. Coucou Robin, bon weekend Γ  toi et toute ta petite famille.
    A bientΓ΄t et prends soin de toi.
    Tony ton ami de France

    • It was a nice Thursday snow but the weekend began at work on Friday with a couple of mishaps. Family is a definite cheer up and these small snowballs coming down were delightful! πŸ™‚ Thank you, Tony!

    • Oh, thank you for sensing the scenery around the weather, Derrick. I was heading from work and felt compelled to go to this place and “change gears” before heading off to listen to my grandson, Skyler’s strings concert. It had the levels from 4th grade to 12th. The snow could have been set to one of the deeper, moodier pieces!

  2. What I love about this shot Robin, is that I can actually feel the weather…perfect…it tapped into my memory banks and pulled out the feeling of such a day and location….

    • When snow can be captured while it is coming down upon our heads, jacket and the scenery it becomes magical. I like that it came out like it looked in person, Diana.

  3. Robin, your snow was big balls—by the time it got to us we had horizontal streaks across the CCTV camera lens and later a moderate coating–blown around by high winds! Much more peaceful at this bluestone quarry! We went bitterly cold! Still, went out in my dress shorts for Saturday shopping–and trying to find one missing bag later on! Had to go out and buy an extension cord to replace the one I’d bought and lost on the way home! 😦 Is your car running yet?

    • My son, his brother in law and grandpa worked on the car, had it towed Sunday. Caught a ride to work. It turns out what my son replaced, a hose to battery which was getting old was what worked out. He had taken the panel around the gear shift off, since this was what had been recalled not too long ago. He had tried to start the car, it didn’t so he left the panel off. πŸ™‚ The dealership said once the panel was put back on and the key turned it started. I paid for their diagnostic testing at dealership and was happy to have not had to spend too much money. Thanks for caring!

  4. Lovely atmospheric photo, Robin…I just want to rush out and catch some of those swirling snowflakes! I read about your injury on another blog…how are you now? Hope you’re fully recovered, it sounded nasty.

    • Thomas, so happy to share this with you! I thought so many people have internet you and others wouldn’t really appreciate this. It was a very big snow effect which doesn’t happen this same way. Like cotton balls! πŸ™‚ Robin

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