Thursday’s Doors~ Creative Foundations (new angle), #1 view


Located on South Sandusky Street,

we three “girls” included the

two youngest granddaughters.

They rushed me a bit as we were 

heading back North from bank

and this building, to get to the

Hamburger Inn.

They had “planned out” their

breakfast choices and when I said

“Wait! I need to take a picture of

this set of doors!” there were a few

verbal protests, but I told them

I would let them suck on their

“bank lollipops,” they acquiesced.

Then, as a bonus for my fellow

door blogging friends and

special guests and visitors,

I told them they could stand under

newly hung sign and be on my blog~

the girls were definitely “angels!”

*Please see next post!*
This set of doors enters an art gallery,

workshop and gathering place for

adults with disabilities. They were

Not inside today, since we were

rather early for a Saturday.

My friend and host for

our weekly Thursday’s Doors,

Norm Frampton,

may be found at the 

following blog which

includes links to other door posts:

Happy door hunting, visiting and

hope this rolls you to a very 

relaxing and enjoyable

second weekend

of March.


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    • That transom is special to me, too! The dark wood looks like cherry and this is my second series of door posts featured around this business for special needs adults’ artwork. Glad you enjoyed the different views, Dan.

    • Colleen~ yes to creative spaces on small town “main streets!” This is a welcoming place and when it is warm outside, the people who gather to work on art, listening to music move onto the front sidewalk. You may hear them ask quietly or rather proudly making proclamations, “Art here for sale! Come and look!”

  1. I love doors and old barns, they hold a certain fascination. I want to know what’s inside :). Beautiful post Robin

    • Doors really are such individuals, some are grand, some are worn but so many display beauty in uniquely different ways, Holly.
      I agree, barns show character and “a certain fascination!”

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