Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations (standing sideways to door), # 2 view 


Here’s my two patient


Bribed with a lollipop each,

allowing side trips on circular walk,

from my downtown Delaware, Ohio

apartment getting fresh air,

cash from bank and candy,

stopping to check out 

all the sights.

This sign says,

“Our Town



Below it 

are standing 2 sweet 

Delaware, Ohio- -born girls.

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Thursday’s Doors

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doors may be found:

Welcome and enjoy!


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  1. This set of pictures has delighted me. From the gorgeous pair of doors at number 57 to those butter wouldn’t melt, well bribed grandies of yours. Your description of what led up to their angelic smiling pose had me smiling sweetly too. Thank you Robin, it’s rather made my day xx

    • What magical ways you weave warm messages and manage to bring tears to my eyes this Saturday morning! I like to include my little ones in the family (from time to time) knowing my best college bud, Patrice, in Long Beach, Mississippi loves seeing their wee faces.
      So very happy to know this made your Thursday a bit better, my dear. xo
      I apologize for belated responses on my Thursday’s doors, Fiona. ❤

      • Please don’t apologise, Robin … there is no need. I would never be offended at late (or even no) réponse – life is far to precious and far to short to worry! It is lovely to include the children – you have a lovely way of weaving little jewels into the fabric of your blog xx

    • Yay! I like my Saturday “catch up” moments; although so fleeting! Thanks, Dan for noticing our thriving downtown! 🙂
      It is something I don’t take for granted since plenty of towns don’t have movie theaters, more than six restaurants and three draft beer locations: Staufs, Barley Hopsters and Restoration. (Bars are here, too, for the Ohio Wesleyan college students).
      When we got to the diner, we had a 20 minute wait but as leaving, the line was literally out the door! Next Thursday, my plate of food and other features of it will show up. Have a great weekend!

    • I support local places even while traveling, for exactly the reason you are saying: to keep independent restaurants and shops open. I like that you choose to feature local places, including the train stations, as well as historical locations, Dan.

    • Thank you and happy to share them with you, Jill! You make a special member of the “audience” (V.I.P.)
      I wish I had been able to take a film but my phone data is always barely left after I use it to blog and search. . . The girls skipped down the sidewalk together. xo

    • Definitely! It doesn’t hurt since I always give them an early small snack on mornings we are heading out for breakfast, Colleen. It reminds me of the times my Mom took us on her “Saturday morning errands run.” 🙂

    • They are so different from each other but I love their tenacity to be themselves, Carol. One is quite shy (she takes after my DIL, who is a quiet person) and the other is a “talker” like her Nana. 🙂 Thank you! ❤

    • It has finally been relaxing this Saturday morning! I had second towing of my car and gave in to purchasing a little used “new to me” car! It was a week ago Friday that it “broke down” the first time, Chris. Life is much better when you have transportation and I realize we are lucky to be able to arrange this!
      Have a wonderful weekend and hope you had plenty of R & R over your break, although I picture you studying, planning and being quite busy. 🙂

    • We both know they are able to find ways to enjoy every minute! Thanks, Beth! I got a little teary eyed on Thursday as my car had its second towing in one week! Friday, took a mental health day off and bought a barely used nice car and am floating merrily down the stream again! Kyah on the left celebrates her #6 with a pizza and princess party. (Shimmer and Shine are on Nickelodeon. . .) xo

    • Funny, Jonathan! The treat was a bribe and the pictures are shared. Their last names are all different from mine. So, nor very likely anyone will come get them! Thank goodness! We would hate to lose them. ❤

    • Diana, so true about any of the grandies. They would not trade a moment to be somewhere else (yet). They make me so proud and happy when they do things; like as we walked there are three pretty antique shops we pass. They pointed out a covered candy dish and some bunny decorations. Marley said we could put jewelry in the dish when jelly beans are eaten up after Easter. 🙂 They think of things in multiple ways!

    • Thank you, Marissa! They skipped down the sidewalk after this photograph. We stopped to look in the three antique shops. There’s a 1970’s bright neon lime green, hot pink and diamond printed maxi dress in one window they liked, bunny decorations and a covered candy dish they pointed out. 🙂

    • I like our small town’s attention to the sidewalk onlookers with signs and pretty window displays, Ann.
      It is a rather charming place I chose 31 years ago bringing three kids to a new place to begin my life again, (ages 1, 3 and 5) I’m so glad they liked it enough to raise their children here! 🙂

    • Jenny, the adults with disabilities and various challenges create pottery, paintings and cards to sell to keep this non-profit organization working and it does have such a pleasant environment. The last time I featured this downtown hub of activities, my grandson and I had gone in to make visors and donate money. The first time, I commissioned from a young woman named Amber a painting for youngest daughter’s new (at the time) German Village apartment. You would like the atmosphere!

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