Thursday’s Doors ~Creative Foundations (really a window), #3 view


We don’t have a straight shot

in this series of a door or window.

The M & M girls are in my middle

photo, looking like this:

“Hurry up, Nana!”

I allowed sucking on lollipops,

since without a car to drive 

we were walking in a 

two block’s circle 

to Hamburger Inn for 

our yummy breakfasts.

Bank ~ 

Door picture taking ~

Stops for Easter

and Spring 



On your way to doors,

you may find windows

and little ones,

elementary girls,

ages 6 and 8.

Here’s a place to find more

fascinating doors:

Have a fun weekend!


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    • It helps keep this non-profit organization going to have their art work, paintings, cards and textiles. Thank you for seeing the value in this fabulous place for creative fellowship! xo

    • There are times I feel intrusive or possibly nosy when I take photographs, Diana. Definitely, I need to say my apology when crowded before stopped to do this. Laughing at our habit of intruding and interruptjing
      Soon to be posting the breakfast foods and my granddaughters sitting on the spinning diner stools. . .

    • Pam, I like to picture my blogging friends in the setting of their photos or in their words. Thanks for both happy words of sweet and creative which fit the door!
      I hope to be able and relax today to visit my friends in their beautiful corners of the world!

    • Ann, this is a fantastic way of describing the ribbon on their storefront window. I have purchased a few little items but once “commissioned” one of the clients here to produce a large canvas for my youngest daughter. I am not sure if I can get a link since in that time period I didn’t make tags. The artist’s name was Amber. ❀

      Smiles and your agreement of this significance are nice rewards which had me smile back at You! πŸ™‚

    • This is a lovely link title, Jonathan! Thank you for re-blogging this meaningful window!!
      They would take after a few members of my family who love and appreciate art!<3

    • Jonathan, I am so proud of this downtown storefront where a bus with a handicapped lift comes Monday through Friday, sometimes for weekend events.
      It carries precious lives from home to their gathering place to have a chance for friendly and productive activities. The Creative Foundation relies on people who donate money or purchase hand painted cards, art pieces and other items. To be right there on the main street for anyone to stop in and spend time with adults who have physical, emotional or mental challenges makes me smile!

    • Thank you, Sarah, for noticing the ribbon. I like their helping keep passers by aware of the wide set of developmental disabilities and health challenges encompassed in this non-profit organization. πŸ™‚

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