Confusing Directions 


Train yard along the entrance to 480W,

holds tanker and other railroad cars.

Parked in rows, as rush hour traffic

races past lines, those waiting

to get back on the tracks.

The nearly “U turn” 

makes you wonder,

Does anybody really know

which direction we are heading?

Which doesn’t directly correlate

or coordinate with Chicago’s

group who sang so much

to the confusion of the

period or “times:”

 “Does Anybody Really Know

What Time It Is?”


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  1. Bonjour Robin, j’espére que tu vas bien aujourd’hui. Prends soin de toi et de toute ta petite famille.
    Petit bonjour de France

    • It is interesting to know that most of the world is in some state of unrest, upheaval or unresolved disagreements, Merril.
      The weather certainly doesn’t help our lives to relax and rest easy. 🙂

    • It was an amazing and beautiful sky back in early autumn heading North to visit my Mom. At this point in the travels, I was heading East to go West. 🙂
      I like to think I stay rather steady and straightforward in my choices. Disgruntled; but not devastated!
      (Before her new placement this year it was always fun to go up and stay in her senior living apartment.)

    • Deborah, so glad you brought up your internal clock! Setting our clocks ahead here did create some havoc with my internal clock, too. 😉 My early afternoons the past two days were “whacky” because the “Oomph!” had been sapped out by 3:00 pm. (Literally, I felt a desperate need for a nap!)
      Wishing you an inner re-establishing of time and priorities!

    • Mornings are tough since I cannot seem to make myself go to bed early enough to make up for my lack of sleep. . . I feel your “pain”
      Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and hope you enjoy some relaxation over the weekend, Deborah. I will be traveling from blog to blog this evening but stopped at the library to get my emails cleared out. Much easier to delete the grand totals here then on my cellphone. 😀

      • . I’ve been setting my alarm for 5am but woke up at 4:44 this morning wide awake! Hopefully my internal clock is adjusting. I hope so b/c tomorrow morning I have my alarm set for 4am. I’ll be out of the out the house at O’Dark Thirty again for sunrise and birding.

        I hope you get some relaxation and have a great week-end too! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you wore green and didn’t get pinched today. 🙂

    • There’s a lot of information in this reply, Jonathan. i liked the song reference, “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”
      Also, was the country song reference maybe from “Hee Haw or “Petticoat Junctionn?”

      • My reblog statement is from a classic Dunkin donuts commercial. “Do you know the way to San Jose’ I last heard—-on Lawrence Welk! 🙂 The rest of my comments were purely ad lib. But you’re welcome back to the “MARVELOUS” ANY TIME! 😀

    • Shehanne, it didn’t seem like the road made sense. Then, those train cars beside me on another darker night seemed eerie and confused me.
      This went along with our changing our clocks and losing sleep from Saturday night till Sunday morning, one hour less!
      Of course, “I’d Stop the World over You.” 😉 xo

  2. Which direction to take in life and when is the best timing can be so confusing in life and you poke at those ideas so cleverly where, Robin! Sometimes I think a u-turn would be a great option in real life 😉

    • Christy, thanks so much for going along with me, trying to figure different ways this post might make sense. . . 😉
      I like the idea of taking a U-turn in real life. I use a similar line in my trying to resolve relationship conflicts by saying, “Can’t we skip past the fight and kiss and make up?” ❤

    • Mike, I love this group and saw them twice in concert! 🙂
      I used to sing this loudly, as it suited the marching band version of this song. I couldn’t play my clarinet well as I marched. Chuckling a bit at my two brothers and I all playing different instruments. They were happy since they played trumpet and trombone. This band used horns in most of their songs.
      Good joke on the non-Chicagoans who try to drive around the city of Chicago. Hugs xo

  3. This is a good provocation to consider direction. Well done 🙂 I heard about a sermon once, or read about it, where the minister said there are always two train tracks in everyone’s life, and those two trains couldn’t both have smooth rails. Money starts coming in, your health falls apart. Your health gets better, your marriage is on the rocks. Marriage back on track, your dog dies. I can’t see a train without thinking about the truth of that sermon.

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