What’s on your breakfast plate?


Comfort food,

eggs over medium,

sliced potatoes, onions and

good ol’ American cheese!

I stole a piece of bacon

from each girl.

Hamburger Inn,

16 North Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio


The M & M girls ordered

sweeter breakfast items,

Texas French toast

and the other chose

a stack of four pancakes. 

Both added sides of bacon.

What is one of your favorite

breakfast choices?

Do you like 




40 responses »

    • Yes, omelettes are wonderful and they do prepare those, Merril!
      I would like them to serve fruit or sliced tomatoes with breakfast, but you may ask and have different choices instead of all potatoes. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, how nice if you could visit with your children. We could share a meal! We have a few boys in their brother, Landen and cousins, Skyler and Micah.
      Baby Hendrix will have to get to be a “big boy” to come here. Thanks, Vonita!

    • Good point, Marissa!
      What happened to my healthy food “push??!”
      You’re given a few choices of vegetables or homemade fresh foods. While you sit looking across the two sets of “U” counters, this is NOT what people come in to eat! πŸ˜€
      Oh, they have great chocolate cream pies and chocolate milk shakes. Tell the kids to come on over to Ohio for their “fix” of chocolate. Aunt Robin will buy!

  1. I love diners and breakfast any time of the day or night! Omelets… with avocado, no cheese, lots of veggies, with home potatoes or hash browns, english muffin no butter, tomato juice, and coffee. Sometimes I get a poached egg instead of an omelet.

    • Oh, your order sounds scrumptious, Deborah! (I do think they may have those ingredients, crossing fingers!)
      You may be able to get this more healthy breakfast. Thanks for reminding me, this meal I am eating is a once in the month one! xo

      • Oh most any omelet with veggies, and avocado are right up my street. I just ask for No Cheese to lighten it up.
        I like my toast with no butter, but I do like jam. I usually only eat half the English muffin, or if I order toast I only eat the crust. That’s my favorite part. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh yes, I love a good breakfast. We have a new cafΓ© in town that opens for breakfast and you can get a ‘full English’ for under Β£10.00. This includes large fresh fruit juice and coffee as well as eggs, bacon, tomato, sausage and beans, then toast and jams. Sets you up for the day. Marvellous!

    • Ooh, Jenny! This sounds like what Derrick orders at one of his favorite places to eat! I was telling someone (in comments) that you may order tomatoes or other side’s, but it does add up to cost more!
      Your cafe place Does sound marvelous!! πŸ™‚

  3. That diner breakfast sounds great. The first breakfast I cooked for my wife, was an omelette made with parmesan and coriander. Then folded over like blanket with mushrooms inside.

  4. Love hometown diners. During our storm earlier in the week a TV crew found our diner nearby was the only business open for business and set up in the parking lot to report on conditions in the area…as well as nourish themselves on breaks of course. The diner goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Full menu, friendly staff, affordable prices. Perfect.

  5. Looks great…being a southern gal I might substitute some grits for those potatoes. GRITS…girls raised in the south!

  6. I prefer savory breakfast, like you. My favorite is the Old Timer’s at Cracker Barrel. Two eggs over easy, a bowl of grits, hasbrown casserole. I eat one biscuit with gravy and one with blackberry jam. I don’t eat the meat, I take it home for Sadie. I live with a bunch of pancake lovers, though πŸ™‚

  7. Your breakfast looks yummy – typical of what I like for breakfast myself. If I am out, I almost always have two eggs over easy, hashbrowns and whatever breakfast meat looks best – my favorite being sausage links well done. When I cook breakfast at home, it is usually blueberry pancakes. (I make my batter from scratch.) Before I gave away my waffle iron, Sunday breakfast was often my own recipe for whole wheat buttermilk raspberry waffles, a recipe I came up with when my kids were little. – Mike

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