Taking backroads


There’s a setting with pastoral tone.

Thomas Cole or Nicolas Poussin-

inspired country or rural paintings.

Awesome and warm, 

17th – 19th


Sometimes you may

drive on by, some

take these for 


When I can, 

I stop and study

as nature’s palette

is what captures

my heart.

 x  ❤  x


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    • Luanne, I like the way you feel it is “so inviting.”
      I might attempt to paint it but the luminous effects would be lost. Randy can transfer a scene like this and make it realistic, impressionistic or modern art. I don’t even try with these genres, although impressionism is my favorite style. 🙂

      • Why, thank you for the encouragement. I posted a watercolors painting I did when inspired by Anneli who had a pretty photo of scenery with golden grass and a winding “s” shaped stream in it. I’ll post it again in the fall!
        The two young cardinals with leaves of different trees was one I painted for my Mom.
        I mainly like my hundreds of children’s name pictures but flowers and such are fun, too.

      • I wish I had the painting talent. I can draw a little, but painting seems so beyond what I could manage. Too many choices, for one thing. Your whole family is so talented!

  1. This picture reminds me so much of where I was born in north-central Illinois. It just makes me happy to think of all the good memories I have there, where my grandparents lived and I spent a lot of time during my childhood.

    • Sarah, thank you for sharing such lovely, reminiscing thoughts. North-central Illinois certainly would have fields, houses and depict a similar era of pastoral beauty as Ohio.
      Those warm memories of grandparents from childhood are ones we hold on to, especially when you are my age. 🙂

    • All three of my kids visit parks and farms when they have preserves near them but we are city or town dwellers, Inese. Thanks so much for your kind description! xo

    • Joey, this is the kind of setting which keeps me in “America’s heartland,” too! ❤ When my oldest daughter was thinking of attending Savannah's art school, I told her I wouldn't probably visit her more than once a year. She was thinking of starting over with the two boys. . . She gave it up, since she knew she would be "homesick."

      • Oh yes, SCAD is magnificent, but it IS in Georgia! lol
        I think moving away with kids is sooo hard. At least it was on me. Lost so much of my support system. Nobody tends my kids like our parents. Even without homesickness, she’da had a rough go, I’m sure.

      • Yes, it would have been hard. She had three years at our Columbus College of Art and Design, she wanted to try out her wings but cost wise it would have been quite a big chunk of debt to accrue. She’s been visiting there, though. I love the boys being close, Skyler and Micah are even tempered, fun loving kids. Micah takes Saturday art classes at CCAD while Sky plays the bass. I think it is so cool your Sassy is in orchestra and been doing her music for quite some time. 🙂 An accomplished musician is forever!

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