Puzzles, part 2


Marley and Makyah,

my M & M grandies,

love wearing summer clothes,

despite outside freezing temperatures!

We chose one of ten puzzles left in

collection of brightly colored choices.

This one was seashells!

My first puzzle was built

of 150 pieces in only two hours

with current guy friend who bought

the multiple puzzles box for me

to share with grandchildren.

It was a bunch of kayaks! 

The second one was constructed

with my grandson, Micah of

an Italian narrow canal.

My friends who suggested

here from blogging community

the activity is like taking an

“escape vacation.” 

Their shared memories of doing 

this pastime with family in

childhood looked like fun.

I may have inspired some to

purchase a puzzle or engage

in another long forgotten activity.

Hope you are having a lovely season,

no matter which one ~  

please share how you like

to pass the time away!


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  1. Great fun! I remember wondering about far-off places as I whiled away a day piecing together puzzles of those places as a kid. Lovely activity to do with a child!

    • Brett, thank you for sharing your memories of far-off places. I hope this activity had someone like a sibling or parent to create a special time talking while doing this. 🙂

    • Oh, the last one isn’t Fun, is it?! I do agree reading is so much fun in the winter. Less distractions, while reading in the summer I will look up from a bench or blanket to watch people. 🙂

    • Oh, my! It is fun and very hard to stop once you start. . . So glad you are addicted to something they say keeps our mind active even more than reading a book, Jill. Using our fingers and thought processing are skills that are going to keep forgetful setbacks at bay! (Don’t know where I read this but probably Prevention Magazine. 🙂 )

    • Thank you, Merril for saying this! When I told someone at work it had 300 pieces, they thought it would only take a day or two! The puzzle did have another “go round” with one of the girls and my grandson, Micah while visiting before we went to see, “Beauty and the Beast.”

  2. Wonderful…. The girls are so cute. I wish I can spend so much time on playing different games instead of just job most of the time. miss my childhood. Love the memories. THanks for taking me back the memory lane 🙂

  3. Your granddaughters are so adorable!! And I love that they’re wearing their summer clothes regardless – they are your granddaughters for sure – won’t be crowd followers!!

    • Aww, thanks, Sheila! My grandson sometimes takes his shirt off when he comes over!
      Maybe Nana has the heat up too high? 😉
      No crowd followers in the family except maybe my youngest daughter. She’s at the age of 31, single and no kids, trying to fit in and reach the “status quo!”

    • Thanks, Diane. He does activities with his own boys and then suggests what “works.” We usually play games or do art around here; so the puzzles are a “hit” right now!

    • Thank you, Deborah. I was happy to find out a few people struggle with puzzles but it is cool to just have it on a white matte board, then you can move it to the dining room table where kids put their feet up to watch a movie. 🙂

  4. We’ve been known to do some puzzles. Get one of those huge, complicated ones and work it all together. Good times. I remember when my parents came to visit years ago, we did one that was a season on each side. That was a fun one. Then we kinda got into those, 100 cats and a dog, or 101 mice and a cat ones, I forget what they’re actually called, but those are fun. We work them and then give them to my MIL who likes to always have one in progress. She has several framed, a gorgeous cat with a vase, a Renoir, an old gray barn 🙂 Good times. Your grandies will remember it fondly, I’m sure. ❤

  5. I enjoy your M&M grandie photos. They are adorable. I, too, enjoy puzzles. I do a daily crossword, a timed Sudoku, and an online jigsaw every day that I am home just to keep the mental juices flowing. I fill my time as a volunteer math tutor at the local middle school – something I have been doing for about ten years. This year the 8th graders let me tag along as a chaperone for their 4 day Washington, DC, field trip – my first time to our nation’s capital. – Mike

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