Puzzles, part 3


Grandies have disbursed,

I am left with remains of the 

puzzle completion project. 

I  set out a few robins around my

apartment to keep me cheerily

working away, as well as thinking 

that puzzles feel much more joyous

while spending activity with

rather than without someone.


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  1. How fun that you have a namesake bird. 🙂 And your apartment looks cozy and cheerful. It seems like the you that comes across here. I like your checkers storage stool, too.

    I hope you still enjoyed working on the puzzle, even with the grandies gone. I imagine it is more fun with company and companionship.

    • I tend to read blogs or a book if left by myself, Merril.
      I had lots of robins, given to me over the years. I saved only ten or so since it would be quite overwhelming in my smaller apartment.
      I have Hummel (English wren-sized)and Lenox robins which may not have value but are actually made very nicely. The checkers storage stool is quite handy! 🙂 Thank you for noticing and commenting on the details shown here.

  2. YOU, are the most important Robin. 🙂 And I am just getting into puzzles. I have one on my phone and do it daily. I know it’s not the same as this….but I am going to be picking some up.

  3. Puzzles are the best with children. As the year progresses, we go from 60 piece to 100 piece puzzles. Ravensburger are the best! Love, love doing puzzles with children.

    • This is wonderful, Jennie! I think Makyah was five when she started to put this kind of puzzle together. She loved the one piece for every space or slot type and Lego wall building. . . Marley was interested earlier, though. We all do our best and learn at our own pace. Right? 🙂

    • Oh, it is a wonderful way of making it an active word (verb)! I appreciate your stopping by and would love to share time here or around town with your family. The sun coming in really makes the space “toasty!”

  4. Doing puzzles is a solitary activity that somehow seems better with others around. We were at a hotel a couple months ago with a puzzle out for the guests to take turns with. It was one of the most fun ways to do a puzzle I have ever participated in!

    • Oh, thanks so much Sarah! I like the idea of an interactive or ongoing puzzle to work on! I could see this being a conversation starter at a bed and breakfast, too. 🙂

    • This is nice to know that you like company while doing a puzzle. That pillow was a “steal!” It cost $6 at JC Penney Co. It was end of winter and since it has pine cones painted on it, seasonal changes in the bedding department. I like chubby robin birds. 🙂

  5. You have beautiful robins around your house, Robin 🙂 This weekend I am posting 4 photographs of robins in my blog. I was so delighted to watch them 🙂
    I love puzzles, but they are too addictive 😉

  6. Love this Robin, I think I mentioned before that as a kid we always had a puzzle going, something to keep little hands and minds busy!

    • I sometimes am less deep, some silliness comes out.
      Definitely not a true poet, but like taking my own photos and trying to put a unique “spin” on them.
      Thanks for enjoying the puzzles post.
      I enjoy your enthusiasm! Smiles, Robin

  7. Robin, I think you did a really great job! Isn’t silliness like fun? I guess since I’m a little silly and laugh at my own jokes that makes me a fan of silly! Your piece was lovely. If you have an interest in poetry, it is really fun, then I can highly recommend the book “Poemcrazy”. Check out the reviews on Amazon! Smiles and Sweet Dreams to you!

  8. Robin we love puzzles it was a tradition for my mum to have a large puzzle out in the school holidays to entertain all of her nine children we would all do a bit when we felt like it. I dragged a puzzle out yesterday as all the family has the flu and so my daughter and I are enjoying some time together. Precious time that goes so quickly. I also love doing puzzles solo too its a peaceful feeling.

    • This is such a nice message, Kath! I appreciate your sharing about your family tradition, too. It really is something nice to do with family over holidays but as you mentioned it is relaxing. I may have mentioned, it is also a way to talk without pressure with teens. Now, my Mom lives in a memory care unit which has an art area, easel set up, an office area with old typewriter, etc and she likes watching people in the puzzle area. In the tall fenced in gardening area, she loves digging and watering. Life is good and thanks so much for your beautiful message. xo

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