The house at Gallant Woods



Hopefully, this photograph for

Thursday’s Doors will bring 

you peaceful, “easy” feelings.

Referring to the Eagles

song, as well as how a

tranquil setting gives

us a sense of normalcy,

in our tumultuous life.

This was taken on an early

evening in “the golden hour.”

I love how the sun brightens

and reflects while accentuating

details of whatever comes 

into its light pathway.

This old farmhouse is

located on the same property 

as last week’s door feature.

The red historical barn was 

on Gallant Woods Preserve.

Here’s our door’s leader 

and rodeo extroadinaire,

Norm Frampton’s link:

If I had room on my walls, 

this photograph would

become enlarged and

be displayed on my wall. . .

Let me know if anything is

elicited from your beautiful mind!


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  1. That is so beautiful …. it oozes peace and harmony with nature, it relaxes me just looking at it and it beckons me in to find out what’s cooking on the stove and whether The Eagles really are playing softly on the gramophone! Divine, Robin, just divine ā¤ļø

    • Wow, my goodness! I am blessed to read how you have been transported into time, (a parallel universe where the Eagles play on a gramophone Victrola. šŸ˜‰ ) Fiona, maybe apple streusel pie and a roast with potatoes, carrots and celery in the oven. . .
      It really was a piece of serendipity to drive fifteen minutes into the country, to be serenaded in such a splendid Light, in all senses of the word. ā¤

    • Thank you, Merril! It would be pretty on a wall, I appreciate this! Just happy it holds this moment and came out better than expected. šŸ™‚
      I like the title for a book idea. It is a great place called Gallant Woods, truly located on Buttermilk Hill Road, out about fifteen minutes from home. . .

    • So glad the song I planted in your head is a pleasant one, Colleen! šŸ˜‰ I almost used, “Sunshine on My Shoulders.” I have been thinking of John Denver lately, not sure why. . .

    • Deborah, thanks so very much! I think you have a wonderful eye for scenes. xo
      I have a wide variety of art on the small spaces I have. Some I have featured by my brother, Randy and one by my great Grand Uncle. My oldest daughter prefers her art not to be displayed. Silly woman!

      • Print it! You can rotate your art by season. šŸ™‚ Says a woman who has printed quite a lot of images, and isn’t rotating or showing them. No, I’m not. They’re languishing in boxes in a closet just waiting to be hung.

    • Ian, this is an excellent comment! I nearly wrote the words, “Home Sweet Home” at the end of this post. Hugs to you and Ana. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend. xo

    • It was just luck or serendipity, Derrick. I had about 45 minutes from work ending and Skyler playing his bass (cello) in a Spring orchestra concert. If I were to head home, so very hard to go back out. . . This was the result of “killing time.” So happy it turned out as nicely as it appeared in person. šŸ™‚

    • I appreciate your being here to settle in and see the comforts of this country living scenery, Diana. šŸ™‚
      I like your feeling the peacefulness found here. ā¤
      I think this house is a treasure and so glad it is part of the Ohio preservation parks system. Do you know what the woman's name is who gives the tours and bakes (during working hours) in an old woodburning stove? Her name is also Robin.

    • Oh, lovely word choice, Chris! I forgot about “bucolic.” I was lucky to capture this since I left work, grabbed a drive thru meal and had about half an hour to sit, nibble and relax. Then, off to listen to my grandson, Skyler, who plays the bass in orchestra. šŸ™‚

    • Pam, it was a simply remarkable view! Thanks for saying it is evocative. šŸ™‚ So happy it came out well, since often our eyes hold a different image than the cellphone camera lens does. . .
      I could imagine some kind of Walton’s family bedtime voices, “Goodnight, John Boy!”
      Shhh, maybe soon you’ll hear a few snores. xo

    • There is nothing “odd” when it comes to creative thoughts and incorporating our senses, Sarah! xo
      I love the words you used~ “crisp and fresh,” “frosty, light snow” smell coming through! There was a crunch of grass blades being lightly snapped as I approached the house, also taking the fence and barn photos, too. You have been walking Choppy on such crisp mornings, although this is evening. Thanks, dear.

  2. Robin, this is a glorious photo and I could see this selling well as a print. I’d love it on my wall too! šŸ˜€ I love your writing too, warm sentiments in our crazy world:

    ‘how a

    tranquil setting gives

    us a sense of normalcy,

    in our tumultuous life.’

  3. The light on yon door is certainly attractive but what caught my eye was the fence. How interesting is that? I wonder its purpose beyond separation and definition?

    • Isn’t it cool that it criss crosses? I am unsure of its purpose but it is a farm preserve which may mean instead of a traditional fence this is more likely to keep wild animals out, or domestic animals in. (No barb wire or electric fences.) This was a great observation and actually included the small amount of snow to highlight this fence! Thank you, Ann.

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