Stacked art sculpture


 You haven’t seen art by Randy lately.


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    • It is pretty unique and I admire my brother’s ability to make this art! Tonight is the monthly Gallery Hop in Columbus, Ohio. There were many times where I was going through various weather conditions to see his latest creations or shows. I’m glad he is in Cleveland, but miss being close enough to stop by.
      Have a wonderful weekend, Dan!

    • Thanks so much for this lovely comment, Sarah! It is our monthly Columbus, Ohio night of Gallery Hop. I wish my brother’s gallery were still here in Central Ohio. His is up in the outskirts of Cleveland. I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

    • Oooh, this is definitely one of my favorite interpretations, Deborah! I see the simple tent shaped Temple, as well as the winding path upwards to reach it. Loved this so much. ❀

    • Annika, he used to have a Columbus Ohio gallery for quite some time after he achieved his Fine Arts degree from Ohio State University. He’s been in Cleveland the last ten or so years. . . Thanks for asking! xo
      This piece is large and in his suburban gallery outside of the city. He has many sculptures possible links on this page and he makes money from doing murals, too. He is often Fatheads brewery artist in state of Washington, Pennsylvania and here in Ohio. His major murals were on Magic Johnson ceiling of his theater in Harlem, NYC. and the hieroglyphics on the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. πŸ™‚

  1. The minute I saw this, I knew it must be a “Randy”. I absolutely LOVE this one. I keep looking at it, over and over, imagining how he made the physics work, much less the art.

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