Antique Shop window, art in dress pattern


The pattern and style’s clearly

representative of the seventies.

Bright hot pink and neon lime green.

It’s fun, hip and beautiful!

Reminds me of Peter Max 

posters on dorm walls.

(Oh, how my Mom 

still loves hot pink!)


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  1. My mum painted our bathroom in those exact shades at some point in the early seventies. The walls were lime, the ceiling hot pink – I thought it the height of decadence at the age of 10 or 11! I adore that dress …. how much would I love to float around in it today 😀 xox

    • Wouldn’t it be splendid to own it? It certainly is in great shape but I am rather short and prefer not to wear high heels again, unless extra special reason. 🙂
      The colors of hot pink with lime were so decadent and fashionable! Your mum was marvelous!

      My Mom adored pink, while I had lots of deep purple pillows on a lavender and lime green bedspread. . . hugs xoxo

      • I’m so tall I daren’t wear heels these days for fear of vertigo resulting in a fall! I would have converted your bedroom with its decadent decor xxx

    • I wrote a rather odd poem on this window scene which may show up tomorrow! These three posts were taken on same day we are at the Hamburger Inn Diner. Killing a few birds with one stone, so to speak. 😉

    • Oh, yes! This was fortuitous, Beth!
      We can relate to this having lived thru the era. 🙂
      My grandies loved this and the Trolls movie has Poppy wearing bright or hot pink hair and turquoise clothing.

  2. Yes! Peter Max. I should have saved my dress, my white bell bottom pants. I never wanted go-go boots, though. Remember pink and turquoise tiling in kitchens and bathrooms? And shag rugs- you needed a rake. I think I’ll take the 21st century!

    • I liked the era with music and style but we definitely have accoutrements we didn’t have in the 60-70’s!
      I liked Peter Max as well as the way the Beatles looked on the cover of Yellow Submarine. Very hip and retro, now, I suppose! Carrie my oldest daughter, has my orange skirt, my purple, lime green and lavender skirt. . . Poor thing, loves art and fashion so her closet is stuffed with things you can find at garage sales. I have become less of a pack rat. . . g’night. xo

    • You’re so right, Luanne! 🙂 I remember this kind of dress, only much shorter on Twiggy or Iman. (David Bowie’s first wife, right?) It is in great condition but for a much taller person than I. Heading off to bed. . . xo

      • I love things that look good on tall women with broad shoulders. I am tallish, but not “tall,” per se, and my shoulders are narrow. I love capes and ponchos and drapey things that look good on Jerry Herman stars (Dolly Levy, Auntie Mame, etc.).

      • Dolly Levy and Auntie Name are such boisterous characters, they do look good with drapey cloths like capes or scarves. Those were great musicals or plays. . . 🙂
        Ooh, Mae West looked good with a wrap (in the olden, non-concerned days where mink stoles were glamorous. . .)

      • Yes, she did! I love those Jerry Herman characters. I guess La Cage aux Folles has a similar type! I love the exuberance of that personality that Herman brings to them. However, I cannot pull off those capes like that! And I wouldn’t want to pull off a mink stole! The minks need it!

    • Don’t worry I insanely thought I wasn’t busy this weekend. Sadly, my son had a good friend whose Dad got cancer. He became so bereft after his father died, he committed suicide. I had 4 little munchkins all day Sunday while Saturday, I had three. I am exhausted and wish I could call in on a “mental health” sick day! xo

    • Merril, thank you and so glad you enjoyed it. I wrote an off the wall poem about a different angle of the same window. The reflections are so strong it looks like water is IP to her neckline. Thank you for visiting and just hurriedly writing notes while should be in bed. It was a fun but sad weekend with one of my son’s friends so bereft his father died of cancer, he took his own life. Had kids through most of the weekend, while I had only planned to see a movie on Friday with my friend, Bill and then silly but sweet “Boss Baby” movie today (Sunday.) “The Zookeeper’s Wife” was very well done, it also had more implied violence but still much heavy and overwhelming sadness. (Prefer this PG 13) style, still wept. . .
      Will hope to read your Monday’s Musings and catch up after work tomorrow. xo

  3. What a beautiful era that was Robin, Females had style and pride, they exuded Femininity while demonstrating the charms of decency and modesty, a man was proud and lucky to be holding the arm of a Lady from that era.

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