Antique Shop ~ a fashionable story


“Up to Her Neck in Hot Water”

by Robin O. Cochran

“The fashionable woman in

her brilliantly colored paisley dress

felt free of constraints, burned her bra.

As she prepared for the evening party,

there was an overwhelming fear of

her parents who had “Donna Reed”

retroactive, “backwards” ways.

The water level in the tub 

reached her neck and

seemed to pull her

downwards slowly.

Must she give up?


Written after I

saw the dusk blue

reflection upon the

mannequin in her

“Mod” style dress.

It took me back to 

Goldie Hawn and Twiggy.

Who do you think of when you see

a “maxi” dress from this time period?


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  1. I’m with you on Twiggy and just being in a perpetual state of impatient anticipation for the moment to come when I was old enough to wear one …. of course by the time that came the fashion moment had passed but many years later I spent a little while trading in Vintage Clothes and the thrill of finding a 70s treasure was probably down to being a little too young at the time. All that aside, I loved your story and the way the blue light on the glass had you thinking of a girl drowning in her parents dull outmoded ideals for her!

    • I loved and admired Twiggy, Fiona dear. So cool since I grew up in this era and had a few dresses which had the pop of color but not many photos of myself in them, though. I still like the wild look to this mod clothing style. We have a Huge vintage store in Columbus, Ohio called “Rag-o-Rama” located on High Street. Lots of cool decorations and jewelry there, too. I meant to add Iman, who was David Bowie’s wife. She was gorgeous and could carry off this bright dress.
      Thanks for the comment about the young woman feeling constraints and conventions, sweetie. ❀

      • Ooh yes, Iman would really carry it off! I feel the need to visit Cleveland even more now that you have told me about Rag-o-Rama … I’m a sucker for vintage xoxox

  2. A great postscript to your earlier post. The 60s had me marrying,,becoming a father, being widowed, finding love again, remarrying, and becoming a father again – I guess you’d call it a mixed decade.

    • Oh, this idea of a “postscript to my other post” is a good title for next time. . .
      Thank you, Derrick for sharing here your combination of joy and sadness during this period of time. It would have been hard to live through this and keep your wits about you! The beautiful children and great Dad you were are the positive results! ❀

  3. The photo does look like water rising up to her neck. πŸ™‚
    I can’t tell what the fabric is like, but I think someone could still wear this dress to a party. It’s fun.

    • Thanks for seeing the water rising from within the reflection of twilight blue sky.
      I think it is a polyester blend, Merril. I also was dismayed to drive past this window and it has Sold! I was hoping to look at it again, to check out its price. I could see Cher wearing this with her long cobalt black hair! It was in excellent condition, as I checked the cuffs and hem which neither showed wear.

    • You’re so right, Marissa. My oldest daughter likes this period and in high school wore some of my mini dresses, as well as liking those eastern style batik skirts. I wore those in the 70’s to cover up at the beach or to go out to eat with a date. πŸ™‚
      Your growing up years has cool styles, too. xo

    • It is really pretty to my eyes but I understand your cringing, Diana! To each his own, right? πŸ˜‰

      My oldest daughter has a love of “my era,” so she wore quite a lot of my clothes while in her high school years. I think some modern patterns “echo” those Peter Max/Yellow Submarine styles. My girl grandies wear short dresses with bright color patterns with black leggings. Thanks for chuckling! hahaha!

    • Yep, they sure do, Shehanne! Hope you were a baby, since I picture you so much younger than I. . . thanks xo
      The way some of my friends’ parents were strict sometimes confused me. Mom being a high school teacher didn’t want us to not look like we had some fashion sense. In my HS we weren’t even allowed to wear pants until my senior year! Only on Fridays for spirit days, as long as we had shirts with school logo or a pin with Bay Rockets on it.

    • Thank you, Sarah! I certainly liked this dress.
      Guess what? I had to drive past this shop and it was gone! I visited the back counter and asked the shopkeeper about the dress, she said it sold! They don’t even have any pink or bright colors up still for Easter! A white gown which could be a simple wedding or prom dress is there with (I think) percale or eyelet holes in it. Would look nice with a daisy crown or bouquet. . .

      • This is fabulous, Sarah! I am excited you liked the dress this much. Hope you find something similar. I’ll have to display a jacket I got from a resale shop to wear almost with any kind of solids. It has two kinds of orange in it. πŸ™‚

    • Ann, so glad your aunts (” the Battle girls”) had such brightly colored dresses and you have photos of them wearing them! I looked and could only find a few retro outfits and my Mom in one.
      I bet you could rock this dress! I should have included Diana Ross and Cher who were gorgeous in their psychedelic patterned gowns!! πŸ™‚

  4. Having not experienced any dresses like that, I found your words more evocative of scene than the dress. Really stunning sense of dread.
    It looks like things I’ve only seen in photos. I get your Twiggy reference, but I have no memories to match.

  5. I was taken by the shape of your prose. Reminded me of a song that is popular here in the UK at the moment – Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. πŸ™‚
    Hope you’re having a great day.
    Kindness – Robert.

    • I’m getting ready to head towards work at 6:30 am I drive. . . You, too!
      I listen to Ed Sheeran and also, to Sam Smith and always love the British older groups! Thank you for liking the prose and shape. Smiles, Robin

      • Ha – Robin. I was just wondering what your name was. Good to connect with you, Robin. I’ll tell you another another band that are gaining momentum here in the UK: The Chainsmokers. I don’t know if they’ve hit the charts in your part of the world, but they are going to be massive! πŸ™‚
        Have a good one.
        Kindness – Robert.

    • Definitely like the Chainsmokers! Thanks, Robert for mentioning current music here. With seven grandies, two in middle school, I basically “have to keep up with musical trends!” I don’t want to become old and outdated! πŸ˜‰ Take it easy. . .

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