Inside the Strand Theatre, in conjunction with Thursday’s Doors 


“Who’s the Boss?”

written with glee by 

Robin O. Cochran

Two grinning girls,

Two skeptical boys,

All in agreement, in unison,

Requesting Nana to 

“Please take our picture!”

The boys chose to pose with no 

prompting from the photographer.

They had some people smiling as

Nana explained, “Last week, other

little girls wore princess gowns 

and crowns, as we watched them get

their pictures taken after movie,

“Beauty and the Beast.”

The girl grandies (M & M’s)

had complained, “Why didn’t 

you tell us to dress up?!”

I pleaded “not guilty” and almost

became “unpopular,” but said,

“Next week, we’ll get a picture of

you kids with the Boss Baby.”

 😀   💖  😀

Norm, we were heading towards

the door, as we took this silly

and spontaneous picture.

We found a door, since

The Strand Theatre 

front door has been

perfectly captured


If you would like 

to see more doors please follow

The Boss of our Thursday’s Doors:

Hope this nonsensical

 “non-door” post

Got you to 



or Laugh!


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    • He’s way overdressed, along with being quite devious and cranky looking! 😉
      Thanks for seeing them as “gorgeous” in their own unique ways, Shehanne. xo

  1. It’s funny how the boys are trying to look so cool, and the girls are smiling sweetly.

    When we went to see The Zookeeper’s Wife last weekend, there was a family group–maybe a birthday party–waiting to see Beauty and the Beast. One girl was wearing a beautiful Belle gown, and both girls had dolls that they were taking with them. It reminded my husband and me of when our girls were little.

    • I never dressed my children up to go to the movies nor allowed them to bring toys or purses there. I thought the girls wearing princess dresses were sweet heading to see the same movie we did last week. 🙂 It was a lovely idea but I never would have predicted this, Merril.
      My grandies all get costumed up in my apartment, Micah likes to wear a bandana and lots of jewelry like a Pirate of the Caribbean. The girls have tutus and pretty dresses but I make them change before going out in public. The world is a rather strange place and the less fancy clothes the better after my various experiences in shelters and scary situations.

    • Oh my goodness, I asked a friend and co-worker to join us and she and I were laughing just as loud or louder than the others, Norm.
      Great inside (aimed at adults) jokes like when the boy whose baby brother turns out to be a spy complains, “They sing you the Blackbird song they made up for ME!” The smart aleck baby says, “I suppose your parents’ names are McCartney and Lennon? (!)”

    • That’s what the guy I date says when I send him the pictures, Diana! He does the same thing with his boys, though. (He had his kids later in life than I).
      Just a note about my grandies (but no tests later on. . . 🙂 ) The two girls are my son’s and the two boys are my oldest daughter’s. It is nice seven cousins all live in same town! Baby Hendrix went to see Amoana and the Trolls movie. He just was taking a nap on this day.
      My son’s wife had two children with her first husband, Lara and Landen were at their Dad’s. . . We have lots of times we end up together and it is glorious to be in the midst of parties or holidays. xo

    • Sarah, thanks so much for this “girls vs boys” comment. 🙂
      Only after I got home and was deleting photos did I notice the contrast. Those girls are sweet in how they have genuine smiles. Those boys like to look “tough” but I didn’t say a word. It was so fun to see their expressions!

    • Thank you. This was such a nice thought, I think they will laugh! 😀
      I should know your name. . . They are “good as gold” grandchildren. I am always pleased with their adaptability to situations.

    • Deborah, thanks for such a nice comment! xo I am getting bad about printing photos: last summer I printed 700 photos, bought seven photo albums and asked the grandies to put their own photos into their books. They didn’t even finish 25 pictures apiece! They love looking at their own baby albums which they have at least six each. Skyler has the most since I started early with him. 🙂

      • My daughter still loves to pull out the home movies and photo albums. We can count on her to take us down memory lane every holiday.

        They’re treasures! I hope you print this one.

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