Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside the Strand Theatre


This door is found next to fireplace 

in the front room of the 

Delaware, Ohio

Strand Theatre.

The door seems like it 

has an older “feel”to it, 

possibly has been here 

since the opening of the

original company, 

New York Cash.

When the business went “under,”

the building was purchased by 

the Schine family. They were ones

who decided to open cinema,

The Strand Theatre on

April 10, 1916.

It has the same marquee,

although the ticket sales booth

moved indoors and renovations 

were fully completed in 2002.

The theatre was given funding 

by Ohio Arts Council, was also

noted as “historical landmark”

status with the label, “non-profit”

all the details completed to make

this a destination location!

Does anyone have any ideas 

about this dark blue door?

What its purpose, original use and 

current possibilities could be . . .

Hello to our Thursday’s Doors

community and Norm Frampton,

who collects links for more doors

from all over the world. Please visit:

I have another interior photograph

with four happy grandies who

laughed  very  loudly  and  used

excited voices during the children’s

animated movie, “Boss Baby.”

Please check out one more 

post today on April 6, 2017.

Have a fantastic weekend!


38 responses »

    • It is always fun to use our imagination to suppose it’s use! I also appreciate how they kept so many beautiful features, Diana. Thanks for your thoughtful consideration. πŸ™‚

  1. The color is one that was used many years ago. It is an antique color and not really a cobalt blue at least that is what my eyes are seeing and I could be very wrong. I need cataract surgery and my perception of color is a bit off. I’ve seen this color on antique furniture in the past but don’t have any idea of the century or who was fond of using this color.

    Love the pic of the door.

    • I changed the color of the door to “dark blue.” It is a dark colonial blue but don’t want to look up the exact color on the color wheel and you are right. Thanks for this helpful comment. πŸ™‚

    • I will do some stealthy investigatory maneuvers and reconnoiter soon. πŸ™‚ Have a fun weekend and I loved the My Little Pony and guests of various species “dance party” post! ❀

    • Dan, thank you for liking this narrow door which is almost homemade looking with its uneven framing. I changed the color to “dark blue” since I didn’t realize the definition of cobalt blue is to have a metallic sheen to it.
      Those grandkids sometimes are adorable, most of the time very nice company. My grandson, Micah, channels a very immature Jay Leno in his comments. πŸ˜€

  2. I always love the skinny doors. I’ve got one in my back hallway. It’s like all the other doors, just not even half their width. Skinny doors are decidedly special! πŸ™‚

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