Shot through the heart. . .


This right hand jet stream trailing

downwards, reminds me of a

“flaming arrow.”

 Feathery  feelings  float

and flutter on a whole 

different level.

This evokes thoughts 

of how different two 

people can be. 

One was raised

 be forthright and direct. 

Other protects his

heart while 


arrows of



The song with same title

as the post written today is,

“Shot through the Heart”

came out in 1984. 

The one I think of 

and know the lyrics is called,

“You Give Love a Bad Name.”

This was related in lyrics by

repeating within chorus the line,

‘shot through the heart,’ (1986).

Both are Bon Jovi songs. Band

member, Richie Samboro 

and Desmond Child

co-wrote 2nd song

with Bon Jovi.



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  1. love the photo, it illustrates your point so well. if anyone can help to open that heart up just a little bit again, it is you, robin whose heart is so full and open )

  2. Beautiful shot, Robin, that can lead one to all sorts of imaginative conceits. I know we both like to see images in the clouds. I agree with Beth that your heart is full and open.
    I hope everything is OK with you.

    • So glad you liked this dynamic sky photo, Merril! So much of life is up for interpretation. Part of being a storyteller is “seeing” beyond the surface.
      Oh, I am fine but am trying to open up the guy I date’s closed heart. Beth had an accurate reading of the situation. I am not concerned nor depressed. Thank you for wondering and caring.

    • Your generation is younger but I do appreciate your thinking of the song immediately, Chris. There are some pieces of music which seem to fit a photo, this one struck me to be a falling arrow. The Archer in the sky sending it flying. πŸ˜‰

    • You know what I’m talking about. It can sometimes be partners, once in awhile siblings, Colleen. I have seen this happen between parent and child. I have someone who laughs and teaches me crafts but in May, one year will have passed, yet not sure of trusting me (on basic things, I’m not expecting serious or commitment).
      Another song apropos would be, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now. . .” Nothing going to bother me, though.

    • Thank you, Lana! Although I listened for years to 70’s music, I do relate often to the 80’s style.
      I’m glad you also can understand how this sky had me imagining an arrow being shot by the Archer. I had a fun and happy weekend. Hope yours has been special. πŸ™‚

    • Diana, so glad you aren’t weary of my sky images! It is something I seem to obsess on. It helps me think of a story and sometimes it springs right away to my mind. πŸ™‚ Thanks very much!

      • Ha, ha! So funny you said that! I didn’t want to say anything but I did always think of Bon Jovi as pop metal in comparison to what I really liked. He sure was fun to look at though!

    • Hi Pauline! I was so excited seeing your creation on canvas! Also, your artwork transferred to materials like cloth and paper. Your dreamcatcher is so beautiful with the stars in my mind ready to kiss it. . .So in love they are with its colors!
      The mystery between types of people does “live on!” Happy New beginnings to you, dear Pauline. ❀

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