April’s full pink moon


The moon has a slight pink tinge.

April has been given by the

Native Americans the label,

Full Pink Moon.

Seeing the attribute of pink

may seem like a stretch.

I would call it ~ 

“Everything’s coming up Rosy.”

Just can tell the weather has 

taken a turn for the better!


Moon rising over the fence,

May you shed your light into 

baby’s windows. Let it help comfort

him so he will get used to sleeping

in his own special crib. May it

bring Mommy and Daddy 

time to cuddle and dream.

Hendrix is being weaned from

breastfeeding, giving much peace 

to son and his wife who need to

feel closer. Life’s challenges have

been ones which hurt their souls.

T. C., close childhood friend 

of James, lost his will to live 

when his Dad passed away of cancer.

It is pulling the family together,

as two other deaths outside 

family did. Inside our 

hearts will beat

as One.

My bonnie lies over the ocean,

My bonnie lies over the sea,

Bring back my bonnie to me.


Lullaby and good night!







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    • I remember your mentioning this before, Jill. It is sad how it does effect us in strange ways. . .Hospitals and nursing homes think it brings out the wacky or quirky elements within people and their behavior. Thank you, for adding this response!

  1. It is always so devastating for those left behind when a loved one chooses to take their own life. ‘We weren’t enough’ or ‘I should have done more’ being among the hardest of feelings to live with. My sincere condolences Robin – and may your family find much strength and comfort in drawing close together at this time. I do so wish your pink full moon portends a rosier time ahead – it is a lovely thought!

    • Pauline, your heartfelt words made tears pop up and pour down. It has been strange, a kind co-worker (65), a babysitter for my grandsons Skyler and Micah (age 57) and Jamie’s childhood friend (35) committing suicide. All within less than 12 days.

      Spring is not usually quite as “bad for deaths” as January here. Having worked in nursing home for nearly six years we saw people cling in illness to life through the holidays and give in or give up in January. We are rallying but I truly appreciate your gentle and caring words here, dear. You had your sad loss not that long ago, maybe longer than my memory serves. . . hugs xo

  2. I didn’t know this one was called the pink moon. I didn’t notice a rosy glow, but it certainly has been brilliant.
    Your post is full of opposites–life and death, babies and adults, sorrow and joy. I guess that’s the way life is.

    • Merril, it is uniquely Native American tradition to have chosen the names of the month’s full moons. The full buck or full beaver moons and the pink and worm ones reflect the natural elements of the seasons.
      From a cellphone lens, it is hard to capture the glow but it has an edge on my photo if enlarged that seems to give a pink hue. Not as much certainly as at other times of early morning when sun rise reflection upon moon appears. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the nice summary of my words, it held a lot of emotions and indeed, opposites.

  3. Beautiful and poignant, Robin. Life is not easy and yet it’s filled with moments of great love and joy. We hang our hats on those and smile at the constant moon. Blessings on you family, near and far.

    • Awww, Diana. Warm regards and gratitude for your beautiful message to my family. The sun will come up, the moon will rise. . . So true about the constants, as well as the love that binds us together.
      Blessings back to you and your family. ❀
      I loved that line, "We hang out hats on those (family love and joy) and smile at the constant moon." I'm writing it in my journal and your name beside it. Must be quoted in its own special way: Soon!

  4. Thanks for sharing your Pink Moon Robin! It’s so cloudy here to the East I doubt if I’ll see it at all tonight. It doesn’t rise until after 8pm though, so maybe it will clear up some. One can hope! πŸ™‚

  5. The moon….showing that life will begin anew. It’s hard for the depressed to see that tomorrow is a new day and there is a promise of growth. I’m so sorry you had to deal with so much in such a short time, I certainly know what that’s like. Take care ❀

    • So true, dear. ❀
      It was challenging; but I do understand I am not alone in having tough times, April. Thank you for such a caring response and I appreciate your message. Heading off to bed, but will put your blog on my morning visit before work. . . Have an exceptional Easter, April.πŸ₯πŸ‡πŸŒΈ

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