Thursday’s Doors ~ coffee shop, Women’s Room


Probably one of only a few door posts

featuring a public bathroom!

This is a necessity if you are 

sitting, sipping and chatting

for any length of time.

Coffee is as you know,

a natural diuretic.

I liked the natural 

wooden art designating 

“Women’s Restroom.”

There’s links to more doors,

you may find one that suits you

or is your “cup of tea,” on 

someone who hosts,

Thursday’s Doors. His name

isn’t Joe; it’s Norm Frampton!


Please check out my first 
posts with the exterior doors

of Cup O’ Joe.


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    • I am so glad you noticed this, Marissa! I felt like showing Randy when I go stay there this weekend. It will be strange not staying with my Mom. Only the second time since in March it had some sleeting and icy weekends up in Cleveland. Used to stay with my Mom and we could get our jammies on and watch a little black and white film noir. The memory care unit encourages you to eat dinner so hope to make it up there to do so. Have a wonderful chocolate feast, even if the holiday may not be one you participate in, the Cheesebergens “gotta” take advantage of the choices available. . . hahaha! πŸ˜€

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