Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe’s


This is part of a chain

of coffee shops, 

the grand cup atop 

building displaying its wares.

Pleasant and warm interior,

fireplace showing gas flames.

Quiet but low level discussion

being held at one table while many

coffee drinking “solos” spread 

scattered around the cafe.

Bill orders a chocolate torte, along

with a vanilla cappuccino with 

whipped cream. He pays in cash,

as I have studied menu and order

a regular sized coffee, “shot” of

caramel with “room for cream.”

We proceed to talk with the 

friendly female barista. She

enjoys a few friendly exchanges.

Check the post with the interior 

photo of the counter, picture of

cute “Tips” cup which we both added to!

Thursday’s Doors has a leader,

Norm Frampton, who welcomes

door connections and displays links on:

Thanks for checking my multiple posts!


29 responses »

    • It is a friendly place but only have been there three times, Beth. It’s about twenty minutes away from Delaware, so we usually try to support our local theatre. It has a fun atmosphere! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it certainly was a pleasant and fun setting to stop in and have a cup of coffee and dessert. Not sure who made my brownie but it had a nice yummy, moist chewy texture! I could taste a bit of butter, Jill. πŸ™‚

    • It is a clever way, you have got that right, Marissa! You would have enjoyed my chocolate brownie which was so moist and chewy!! Bill had a piece of torte which he offered for me to taste. I am weird since if I had liked it better than mine I may have had to purchase one “to go!” πŸ˜‰

    • It has a special style in this building’s design, Deborah. I like how you have an “eye for details!” It has a pleasant and warm atmosphere, people looked up and smiled. Rather unusual for a coffee shop, since there are some locations where people glance up and then look back down quickly.

    • It was definitely a destination spot where I have visited only two other times, Anneli. It is a little far for my regular stop but a fun place to go after the big cinema complex experience. Great to unwind, chat and kick back!

    • James, on Thursday, I try to post a set of pictures to create a story. This may have seemed funny but I pre-scheduled this set, as it is helpful to space them in order. Thanks for asking about my multiple postings! πŸ™‚

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