Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Cup O’ Joe


This young lady graduated from

my alma mater, BGSU. She liked 

talking to Bill and me, after we 

had seen “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

She said the Holocaust and WWII

were serious themes and was excited

to view “Beauty and the Beast.”

This is a part of a series of 

door photos which has a

Leader in Norm Frampton,

who allows us to post links

on his amazing Canadian 

blog found at:

Happy doors sightings and feel

free to visit us every Thursday

or better yet ~ Join us!


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    • We liked this movie, telling a story of someone who went beyond their life, helping others out. . . I liked the actress and actor who were the ones who sheltered the escaping Jewish people, Ian. Jessica Chastain showed true talent, above her regular roles of past. There’s probably some reasons the reviewers wanted more graphic scenes but we both cried at different scenes which implies violence rather than showing it. . . We liked, “Lion” a lot for the heartwarming story. We liked, “Hacksaw Ridge” due to the realistic and gritty war story. I think we felt the actor from the war movie was put in an awkward and repetitive few scenes in that movie and his role in, “Silence.” Bill and I go about once a month to a film, he dates a much younger woman and enjoys our friendly conversation. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Ian, and maybe see one of these, depending on your movie tastes.

    • Chris, I liked that it wasn’t overdone nor too graphic but you are still filled with sorrow, dread and jubilation. It was well portrayed and I was sorry to hear from another responder that the reviews aren’t as positive as we felt this movie was great. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you celebrate, Happy Easter!

    • Exactly, Joanne!! Thanks for noticing this huge tip jar with the funny emoji on the stick! She was indeed quite vibrant and friendly, even before the photo was taken.

    • She was such a warm and friendly person, Deborah! Her smile was encouraging and we talked about a few different things while she mixed up Bill’s fancy coffee beverage. Yes, the tip jar was really cool, too. πŸ™‚

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