Happy Bunny Day: Love somebunny today!


This goes out to people who 

are of any or no faith, 

sending hugs and 

jelly bean kisses

to all and hope

you have fun!

Go ahead hop on

over to your




house with a 

floral bouquet or

a basket of candy!

🌈  β€  πŸ’

Spring and Easter message:

“One touch of nature makes

the whole world kin.”

~ William Shakespeare,

English playwright

and Dramatist,

(1564 – 1616)


43 responses »

    • You’re so welcome and hope this works for most of my friends. πŸ™‚
      Hope you and the family had a fun weekend and possibly took advantage of discounts on chocolate, Marissa. ❀

    • Aren’t those bunny sculptures in the window the cutest? I would have loved to stop by to see how much they cost! I am always happy when my intended message is understood. Thank you!

    • Oh, Luanne! How I like this list of ways to celebrate! Hope yours was a lovely weekend with special treats. Hope Perry has both ears forward and becoming much more comfortable, dear. xoxo

    • Colleen, so glad you liked this advice. Somehow, I just know you didn’t need the message. After all ~ You live this advice and practice it innumerable times and ways. ❀

      • Oh it never hurts to be reminded to be kind and loving. I’m sure there are moments when I need a good dose of reminder πŸ˜‰ But thank you so much for saying this Robin πŸ™‚

      • It was πŸ™‚ once we got going! Neither one of us could stay awake enough to get to church. Had waffles (from scratch) for a late breakfast—with bacon–then used the rest of the bacon, plus salt and pepper on the chicken roast. Had baked sweet potato, chocolate dipped strawberries and made the rest of the waffle batter into a simple Stuffing” We were like a tag team—she’d get tired and I’d take over—back and forth! Looks like you-all had fun, too!

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