Educational tree, Woodward Elementary School


Examining the words, 

it took some time to~

~ Read,

~ Process,

~ Understand

~ Put into action.

Here are the Wall Mural’s words:

“Sharpen the Saw”


“Seek first to Understand,

Then to be Understood”

“Think  Win-Win” 

“Put first things first”

“Begin with the end in mind”


“Be Proactive.”


Author’s Interpretation

~ Robin 

I liked the concept of a tree to hang

words on, growing and searching.

Then building from roots and

using branches as scaffolds.

I like also idea of stretching,

growing,  gathering  strength. 

In a tree’s lifetime, it must

rely upon sun, water and air.

What did you learn from the 

teacher who may have painted this?


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  1. I think my favorite, or the strongest statement, that jumps out at me is the seek to understand then to be understood. I have a long history of wanting to be heard and understood so I often jump onto what others are saying, you know, listening to respond instead of listening to understand. On going lesson for me.

  2. We had a tree mural in our elementary school that I helped paint. I’m not sure at the time I understood various reasons you would have a tree painting, but now I can think of so many: the ability to grow (through education), the flowering (of one’s mind), the solid base (an elementary education provides for further education), etc.

    • Sarah, wow! You have identified a completely unexpected addition to the post. First of all, so happy this brought you helped paint a tree mural while in elementary school. Secondly, the “reasons for a tree mural,” especially how we grow through education and our minds blossom while growing, makes sense. Thank you for all of the reasons you gave here.

  3. I think it wonderful. In addition I admire teachers so much, they have such huge responsibilities and so little help these days. Bless them every one.

    • Holly, I am glad you enjoyed this tree in three of my grandchildren’s school. Teachers do have so much on their plates!
      Thanks for your nicely expressed gratitude for their efforts given here. Bless you, teachers.

  4. I like the words “be proactive” because they speak to taking control of one’s life ~ a wonderful design to have at the school and thanks for telling us about it โค

    • Christy, so happy this tree left it’s mark in the saying, “Be proactive.” I am glad you specified “taking control of one’s life.” We can only hope schools continue to help students to rise up and grow in determination.

  5. Excellent idea. A tree could be the perfect example to teach the lessons of life… they also teach us to be patient and to be humble, for a tree never brags, it just produces flowers and fruits which speak for its quality… ๐Ÿ™‚

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