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Birch beer and it’s year ~ 1891


~ 1891 ~

Creamy red

birch beer, mild,

light and refreshing,

a very interesting year.

Sad occurrences:

Jewish people are “expelled”

from Moscow, Russia.

British ship, “Utopia,”

sinks with 574 lives lost.

3000 died in West Sudan 

during French invasion.

109 coal miners killed in

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

200 people and 6000 animals

died in the Blizzard of 1891.

Happy and artsy events include

Oscar Wilde’s theatre debut

of “Duchess of Padua.” 

Henrik Ibsen’s premiere 

of “Hedda Gabler” in Oslo.

Artist painter Gauguin leaves

Marseille to live in Tahiti.

Natural wonders of firsts:

Asparagus transported to

San Francisco from Sacramento.

First Buffalo purchased for the

Golden Gate Park.

Governmental changes:

Nebraska adopts concept 

of an 8 hour workday.

U.S. Congress creates both

Treasury Department and

the Courts of Appeals.

Last Hawaiian monarch,

Queen Liliuokalani crowned.

Sports news:

Oscar Grunden makes

World record in ice skating,

500 meters in 50.8 seconds.

The “Penalty Spot Kick” comes

into consideration, but is put

into effect the following 

football season.

First worldwide heavyweight

championship held.

Connections in telephone

between Britain and Europe +

Paris, France to England.

The Wrigley Company is

founded in Chicago, Illinois.

If you’d like to read more about 

the Toronto W.M.Wrigley Jr. building

which now has business offices

within a fascinating industrial

setting which kept original

features, please check out 

Joanne Sisco’s post,

“More To Chew On,” at:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Dad’s favorite fair beverage,

Birch Beer, a delicious natural 

soda which was invented by a

New Jersey pharmacist,

William Boylan. His

creation of “elixir” selling 

from wagon carried a big barrel.

Boylan Bottling Company

still uses the recipe, restoring 

this fascinating year in history.

Hope you enjoyed the 

“trip” through 1891.

Creative Foundations, Artist Danielle


Danielle painted a beautiful bird

~ the Blue Crowned Crane ~

which was made into a card.

She showed me her design,

proudly telling me it was

hers, on sale for the 

Delaware Arts Festival,

along with many other

artworks on display!

We turned her notecard over,

looking at the picture of

herself. I read aloud

Danielle’s Art Statement:

“I like doing art because it lets

me express myself. I like 

painting, drawing, performing.

I like to talk with my friends

and family. My favorite thing 

to do is draw animals. 

Creative Foundations

makes me very happy.”

My friend, Jenny, who taught

reading to children with 

learning disabilities

bought some cards

and so did I. 

Danielle is good friends with Amber.

Amber painted my youngest 

daughter the beautiful bold, 

black, gray and white rose.

She had been so excited when

I “commissioned her!”

It is hanging in Felicia’s bedroom.

At times it is hung over her 

white painted brick fireplace.

I’m hoping that the rose 

painting will be on a 

link found below.

This is my photograph

of Danielle Gould 

taken 5/20/17.


Please keep this fine organization

or similar programs in mind

when contemplating Art

and supporting positive

places to express 


who may be




The M & M girls + Hendrix


After being such excellent 

blogging friends, your

reward is to see the M & M

girls with little brother,

toddler Hendrix!

All enjoyed soft serve

chocolate ice cream.

Our very favorite ice cream “palace”

is called Dairy Point, a family

run business where my 

personal favorite is a

scoop of hard butter pecan,

hot caramel, real whipped cream,

home toasted pecans and 

a cherry on top!


Please “dish!”

What is your favorite flavor?

Does anyone still order 

a banana split?

Thursday’s Doors ~ Kona Ice truck


Believe it or not, there was a much

longer line of hospital staff 

standing here, before I 

mentioned that I hoped no

one minded if I took their picture.

Anyway, here’s one hospital nurse

and the Tropical Shaved Kona Ice

purveyor extraordinaire.

Even she was “shy!”

Here’s a friendly host,

Norm Frampton, whose

Thursday’s Doors feature is

quite popular and a worldwide

phenomenon, irresistible to

doors’ (of any kind) viewers!

Hope you check out the variety here:

Happy doors’ excursions!

🏣  🕍  🏚  🏠  🏤 ⛪ ⛺