Spool Art and Dragonfly by Randy


My collection of wooden spools had

some in great condition. The

grandkids liked stacking them, 

as well as stringing them on long,

thick shoelaces, clicking them,

pushing and rolling them 

sideways on coffee table.

There are many art pieces to share

when I enter Randy’s gallery.

Ones which have my own stories

and thoughts attached.

I absolutely love his creative use

of metallic, brassy colored paints

to make a modern wall art.

Does it remind you of when you

glued macaroni on a plate in

the 70’s – 90’s?  How your 

teacher carried trays of

the circular art and  allowed 

students to shake up the

aerosol cans of silver or gold.

I liked how it was given as a 

Christmas “ornament.”

For the longest time, my Mom 

kept all three of our golden plates

showing respect; as much as if 

we had received Golden Globes.

The dragonfly wooden sculpture

became a popular piece my

own children liked to sit upon

and later, set beverages 

on coasters while they

visited their Uncle Randy.

Displayed on the cabinet is a 

college class art design project.

In the foreground is a

metal wire-like sculpture, 

while the background holds 

cityscape highrises and the

Cleveland  Metropolitan Art Museum.

Let me know if you have any of

your family members’ art around

your house or if you like to

create unique sculptures.

You can always share

thoughts which are

coming into your mind.

Happy Big #60, 

to my brother,

Randall David Oldrieve!


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    • Thank you so very much, Derrick. The 3 of us were born in 4 years so we are like a “pack.”
      I’m sure Randy had a rowdy and enjoyable birthday gathering. I sent his gift via mail. Won’t be visiting until Memorial Day weekend but may call him later today. πŸ™‚

  1. I love all the artwork in your posts Robin, so individual and diverse, I think your family comes from a long lineage of very imaginative artisans.
    A pleasure to view and something different each piece.

    • Ian, I am simple in my artistic talent. I wouldn’t imagine even 1/4 of the stuff Randy comes up with! Thank you for responding favorably to the art created by some of my family. I figure other people display natural examples (photos) and museum paintings, I may as well display pieces not seen very many places, unless at a gallery or art show.:)

  2. You always remind people of so much, it is lovely. We live near a beach and I often gather driftwood to make things. It’s too nice to burn. These are lovely pieces x

    • Shehanne, this is a lovely, creative idea! I always like the softened, gray and worn pieces of driftwood. My Mom and Dad lived on a cliff above Lake Erie, sometimes we would leave stacks of stones or an arrangement of driftwood on the sand. xo

  3. Happy Birthday to your brother!
    I agree with Derrick that you and Randy make a good team. I think it’s wonderful that his art caries special family memories for you.

    The spools reminded me of a big box of buttons my mom used to have. I used to love to go through it–all different types of buttons. She never made art from it though. As you know, I have several of her paintings, as well as some of my older daughter’s prints hanging in our house.

    • Thank you, Merril for the birthday greeting for my brother and relating to old sewing “notions.”
      I am so glad you know the feel of buttons, looking and finding quite a variety of kinds in your Mom’s big box in the days gone by.
      I admire that your mother painted and it must be lovely to know the artistic talent continues through your older daughter’s art work, her prints also hung in your home. ❀

    • Lisa, it was nice that you and your husband painted on ceramics on a vacation! It is wonderful that you have buttons, beads and other sewing “notions.” We all may have more time to take an art class or other craft lessons in the years ahead. I’m also fond of people who wish to learn how to play music, something your husband does. πŸ™‚

    • Jennie, this is a beautiful response! It is wonderful that some bloggers incorporate famous art, music or museum photography in their stories and poetry. It becomes more personal for me as we are taught to write about what we “know,” so glad Randy’s art is appealing paired with my writings.

      • Yes! I have to write what I know. Like you, when something happens, whether a sunset or an art show, that is what stories and writing are all about. And I believe they make the best stories of all. Randy is proof!

    • Jennie, I could hug you! Someday, I hope I will, dear friend. I have a friend who asked me if I were promoting his art. I responded, “I don’t think anyone views my writing about his art as trying to sell it.” Randy is proof he may inspire~ writing, crafts or contemplation. This is such a wonderful vision!

    • Anneli, your words would really make him smile broadly! We used to say things “blew our minds!” I like your being blown away by this spool art piece. Thanks!
      I picture places where it could be inspiring imagination. Don’t you think teenagers might enjoy this in a high school counselor’s office?

  4. Happy birthday to Randy – I always enjoy it when you post pieces of his. I do like the sort of “macaroni-art” aspect to this work.

    As for our art, our nieces and nephews have provided some fun things to us now that they’re getting older, and I have some ceramics my sister did while in college. Mostly, though, we have items from others.

    • Sarah, I see art in the background of pictures taken in your home when you are posting about Choppy and Schooner. Thank you for sharing about nieces and nephews helping to brighten up your house with their “fun things” made in art. I’m sure your sister’s ceramics are beautiful!

      • We do work on getting pieces, even if they aren’t expensive. For years, my parents have purchased a piece of art every year for their anniversary. It took time, but they have accumulated so many interesting things and now have a home full of great art work!

    • Thank you for Randy’s birthday wish, Marissa. Your wild rocker husband has a great, soft heart! I love children’s art being framed and hung. It helps to give children validation and makes them feel special! I bet their art is awesome!

    • So happy you said that art is all about how it evokes happy memories, Jenny. I would take it even to the limit; art should bring emotions to the forefront. Possibly even shock or create a sense of discord and make us change.
      I’ll make sure to let Randy know of your birthday wish for this milestone in his life!

    • Thanks so much, Luanne! I liked the way your Dad’s creative art using found objects and intricate designs to liven up gardens. . .

      The old wooden spools could make us think of your grandmother, other ancestors and my mother sewing. They could remind me of the New England mills. I picture the way someone watching someone at an antique spinning wheel created the fairy tale, “Rumplestiltskin.” Spools could make almost anyone think creatively, which you set the balls (spools) rolling!

      • Now you’ve done it! Beautiful images, Robin! And you have reminded me of the mill my husband’s dad managed and that my husband worked at when he was young doing time study. When I was little, there was a period of time that I was obsessed with Rumplestiltskin. I’m pretty sure I thought if I wished hard enough I could change common things into treasures.

    • You are someone who really does amazing art pieces with glass, crystals, charms and other items, Pauline. It does seem to appeal to many, as well as reminding all of us how children create out of objects. Randy amazes me at how one thing becomes another. I think we all have a vision or talent in some area and hope this inspires others. πŸ™‚

  5. Cool wall art, Robin, and happy birthday to your brother. I remember all the macaroni art as a kid, and how sweet of your mother to save your art projects as if they were Golden Globes. Ha ha. My grandmother was a painter and I have lots of her artwork in my house. It’s nice to look at the pieces and remember her. Have a great week, my friend. ❀

    • Thank you for your comments about Randy’s art and his birthday wish!
      Do you ever feel your grandmother’s artistic abilities passed from her to you? I’m glad looking at her artwork makes you feel close to her.
      I feel your other fantasy worlds become visually appealing through your words. The way you create using such vivid and exciting details is why I look forward to reading your blog and books, Diana. Hope you are enjoying writing without time pressing upon you now that the fourth book is launched! Happy relaxing and gardening. hugs xo

      • I’ve done very little writing lately, Robin, and I still feel so busy! But with other things I enjoy. A new secret project is in the works and I’ll unveil my progress soon. Thanks for the lovely comment about my “art.” I like to think that I’m painting with words. ❀

    • Thank you, Sylvia! I’m so glad you shared your family’s creative side. It was a great reminder for me about your sister’s treasured paintings. Also, how you have painted. 🎨 xo

  6. Happy Birthday to your brother Robin…love his art and love your sharing it…only family member art I have in our house is my stuff…wasn’t lucky enough to get some of my Mom’s paintings….but am blessed to see that each of my other three siblings has an artist in the house (back to my Mom’s gift to each of the four of us…her artistic talent). I am working with one of my nieces on a Childrens Book…I am writing one for our grand daughter about her “funny Grandpa” and having my niece illustrate it..

    • I pretty much guessed you had art flowing through your family’s blood.
      Oh, I am enchanted with the idea of your children’s book, Kirt. I hope you will let us see it when it’s completed. I always feel sharing here is like a printed copyright. πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for sending birthday wishes for my brother!
      I would ask someone in your family to share at least one of your mother’s paintings with you. I only have one of my Dad’s and wished I had a bigger (splashier) one! Smiles, Robin

  7. Robin! Wow! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€These are such wonderfully creative sculptures, I feel drawn to them, then into them and didn’t get past the photo for ages – just wish I could have sat down on that wooden bench!!πŸ˜€ Oh, you bring back lovely school memories when you mentioned the pasta glueing onto paper plate, yep, we did those at school too and I remember them being up for ages…funny how you never notice when they come down! A very Happy 60th Birthday to Randy and hope you have a wonderful time of celebrations! πŸ˜€β€οΈοΈ

    • I am running behind on responses, Annika. Thanks so much for being drawn into my brother’s art. When I started placing his art on my blog, it was so I didn’t have to worry about art and permission. I love the art available on the different sites but my brother, Randy’s art, I know where his mind was, in most instances.
      I’m so glad you knew what I was talking about with the macaroni art! Isn’t it funny how many of us did this project? We were all thrilled to be creating these golden or silver colored decorations! πŸ˜€
      Thanks for your lovely wishes for Randy, too. I think I am close to him since he has spent years on his own, while I had children. He always has “been there” giving art for the grown children and great games and art to the grandkids.
      I like how you mentioned funny how you never notice when they come down (re: art given to parents.) hugs xo ❀

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