Thursday’s Doors ~ fire truck


We live in the City of Delaware 

in Delaware County, Ohio.

This visiting fire engine

captured a few sets of

curious eyes by a

shopping plaza.

I ran into the nearby 

store and twice walked to 

the storefront window, to see

if any visiting fire department

personnel were coming out of the

local barbecue restaurant, where

the firemen could surely ask 

for tabasco sauce or hot

red pepper flakes to

add to bbq briscuit

chicken or pork to

create their own

four alarm dinner!

This door post is one

of numerous styles and 

periods, hosted by our leader

of Thursday’s Doors, please 

head on over to Norm Frampton’s

for plenty of door choices today!

I promise, No one will display

a door or house on fire!


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    • So happy you enjoyed this change of pace “door!” It is from Sunbury, Ohio. . . only 15 miles away. We wondered why it didn’t say Delaware County (?) Thanks for your fun comment, dear Pauline. xo

    • Yes, so glad the barbecue place or any of the shops weren’t on fire in this plaza! It turns out it is from a country town called Sunbury. Not sure why it didn’t have the town or Delaware County on it! πŸ™‚

    • I aim to please, Luanne! I’m glad you thought it was a cute addition. πŸ™‚
      The fire engine’s door opening, the respondents performing their jobs, create positive and much welcome results.

      • It also reminds me of the fire engines brought in when firemen get married and the new couple go off in all that hoopla!

    • Marissa, it didn’t occur to me, for over a week or two.
      I was not so clever as you thought!
      I had this opportunity to see a fire engine, visiting locally, from out in the country about fifteen minutes away. I kept the entire truck in my post “drafts” and finally figured out this qualifies as a door!

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