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    • I’m not sure about the level of support over this weekend. Last year, the young people were outside on the sidewalk asking people to come inside and look at their artwork. The Delaware Arts Festival has an entry fee, so someone last year felt the adults with different abilities were distracting the patrons to the arts in booths.
      This year, the staff member said they were told to “stay inside.” I suppose as a courtesy but I truly don’t see the harm of their having wheelchairs on the outside with people talking to the visitors who pass by their shop, since there are three blocks of the street festival.
      Made me a bit sad, Chris. . . There had been less visitors to Creative Foundations this year they mentioned, when we stopped by later in the evening.
      During our farmer’s market and First Friday of the month, the clients will still be out and about, with tables with boxes of art out on the sidewalk in front of their store.

    • Ian, you would fully enjoy visiting this beautiful workshop. If I didn’t have so much art I would definitely have a few more of their items purchased. Last year, Micah asked if we could leave a “tip” and we did so. πŸ™‚
      Oh, and thank you for such a warm and lovely comment! My best to you and Ana, as well as the family. ❀

    • I enjoy and feel so good in the CF workshop. One day, hopefully, I’ll have a less busy work schedule and will volunteer and “play” with their art supplies and dance with them. πŸ™‚ This place is a hopping center of Fun!

    • I’m thrilled to think of being someone who “rocks!” Thank you! It is a place which would draw you in and they switch their styles of music, so at any moment your toes would be tapping.

  1. I really love the bits of your life you share in these poems and pictures. There’s all sorts woven in there and yep the devil is in the detail as they say, because you make these small things that go on sound so wonderful xxx

  2. Amongst all the jewels of information you present here what I find most heartening and delightful is that the building is not out of sight but right on the Main Street. It really is a beautiful project and I add my distant thanks to those that maintain and sustain it. ❀️

  3. Robin, you had me with your title – ‘The bag…’ – I am just addicted to bags! This is is such a lovely blue with the attractively drawn building in white. Wow, what a terrific organisation and I wished I lived locally so could support them. There is such a wide variety of products and ideas – kudos to them and your community. πŸ˜€

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