Thursday’s Doors ~ “details,” part 4


Different roofing since original,

I am imagining and daydreaming.

Different grassy space overgrown

and covering instead of showing

stones or dirt path around barn.

The stone blocks and

wooden lathing look like the

original barn where  

the two double door sets,

as well as two single doors,

(other full length barn photo) 

look like they were made to serve 

utilitarian purpose in milling and

farming community located in

Delaware, Ohio. 

~ Stratford on the Whetstone ~

Thanks for sticking by me,

as I tried to march through the

dense grass where I feared ticks

or other bugs would burrow 

above my sock lines.

I could smell a marshy, loamy

peaty or earthy aroma, some mud

clumped onto the grid of the

soles of my tennis shoes.

This end of the barn especially

seemed to display its age, 

along with the owner’s

respect for its history.

Whitewashed barn siding

and newer styled green roof.

I liked green paint around 

windows and over boards.

Please check out a

wide collection of

Thursday’s Doors

on Norm Frampton’s blog:

Come on down here, y’all and visit

a fine and true piece of history!


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    • It would be a cool place for a game of hide ‘n seek or if grass were cut a picnic!
      Ooh! Could you see a possible revival of Woodstock? The mud made me think of this, Beth. . . 🎢

    • The grass has had plenty of layers of natural deposits, Merril. πŸ˜‰

      By the way, in the middle of our town there is a location marked along where the peaceful river Native Americans of the Mingo Tribe were known to have camped.

    • I agree, Colleen! On one of your posts there was an abandoned cottage which was losing itself to nature. I’m glad this place is being preserved and taken care of nicely. Not sure why this location hasn’t had a working farm set up here yet?

  1. This is a nice series, Robin. I love the way these barns stand against time and nature. They could use a little more attention, but the new roof is a sign that someone cares. Thanks for telling their story and showing off their inherent beauty.

    • Thanks, Dan for taking the time to study and consider each part of this series. I am excited next week I will show a rather “grand” house that existed here. Sadly, no tours, just me on foot, checking the place out.
      The last sentence meant a lot to me, especially about “their inherent beauty.”

    • I am so glad to be able to freely share some green with you, Luanne! πŸ’š If only I had the spending kind of green. . . I’d split it with you. . . you’re always welcome. ❀ xo

    • Jay, I love how you share such fascinating reviews and include interesting details without fully revealing the story lines! You are special in this way! πŸ™‚

    • Anita, such a sweet and caring response! Your always welcome, my dear. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. . . Visiting on Monday night as many people as I may. πŸ™‚ xo

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