Thursday’s Doors ~ outbuilding, part 3


For me, the weather vane 

reminds me of the 

“barn on fire” post.

We weren’t quite sure 

but now, after taking a few

dusty, winding country roads

I think we can agree of its purpose.

The outbuilding could house pots,

farming tools, tractor or these days,

a riding lawn mower. . .

The stone work and different

identifying features confirm

1800’s period where it was

both a serene setting but

a rugged, “feast or famine”

time in history.

Our Thursday’s Doors host,

may present sumptuous or simple

(or something in between) at:


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    • It is a different part of the planet, you are so clever to describe this part in such a great way, Shehanne. 🙂 I think this country scenery reminds me of how Beatrix Potter donated hundreds of acres as a trust for preservation of woods, hills and fields for the flora and fauna to survive into the future of England. xo

  1. It is beautiful and green now, but I wonder how isolated it was in winter when it snowed? Is it far from “town,” Robin?
    Also–there’s a big difference between early 1800s and late 1800s, even out here, I imagine.

    • Oh, so true about how long this period of time the community existed, Merril. It was disparate in the beginning from the end of this era of milling and farming here. I’m going by the sign of historical registry. Still will ask a few more sources, as well as the library and historical society. Thanks for pondering on this peaceful property. 🌻

      • I was simply speaking as a historian that you were talking about a whole century. There’s a lot of change over that 100 year period! 🙂

    • Hip hip hooray, for fields of green as a surprise and unplanned gift to my fair lady, Luanne. 🙂
      I’m so glad you are helping me to appreciate this lush, green land which added a smelly mud to my tennis shoes. xo

      • Are you sure it was mud? 😉 hahaha It’s very blue and yellow out here in Phoenix right now, but the green has to compete and is never a lush shade like in your photos.

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