Quinoa for breakfast


Boiled some water,

Added quinoa,

Maple syrup,

and butter.



Rachel Ray,

or some such

country or city


* “BAM!” *

Be healthy,

Don’t forget.

Your life may

Depend on it. . .

~~~ 💓 ~~~

Note to self,

Buy raisins and nuts to

Make quinoa even more tasty.


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    • Fiona, someone gave me a container of quinoa and I used some for a “salad” with a spicy, sweet and sour taste, peas and carrots, fried egg added each day to make a more healthy fried rice taste.

      Then, the breakfast beginning recipe was concocted. I like how people are adding oats, craisins and thinking about this. Your baking quinoa sounds delicious. 🤗 My red quinoa was milder than the other kind I used to buy. . . hmm! xo

    • Merril, adding blueberries used to be my favorite oatmeal combination. 🙂 My friend, Jenny, gave me a container of red quinoa so I did make a “fake fried rice” dinner and decided to make a container of breakfast quinoa. I will check out fresh berries and try a few different kinds. Thank you! 🙂

    • Im glad you mentioned this, Merril. ☕ I would love to share time over a cup of coffee with you.
      It is a heavy linen and was my Mom’s. She doesn’t have a kitchen in her new memory care apartment but she has potential of participating in cooking along a low, long counter where there are comfortable chairs placed along this.

  1. Hmmm – great idea. Although I like the taste and texture, I’m not a fan of quinoa during main meals. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to try it for breakfast. Thanks for the idea 🙂

    • So glad to suggest a new way of looking at an ingredient. 🙂
      I used to be a big fan of bulghur, Joanne. My kids when young, liked the chewy texture but second day, it does soften a lot. Too mushy for them, but I don’t mind.
      This happened to be red quinoa given to me by a friend.
      By the way, (*I know you may not like quinoa for an entree) my youngest daughter found a healthy fried rice recipe using quinoa. A little spicy like General Tso’s, the “rice” mixture I saved in fridge and every day would scramble a fresh egg to add to warm quinoa prepared with carrots, peas, water chestnuts and onions. She adds sliced red peppers, too. Just in case you change your mind to try a variation. xo

      • I do like bulghur too exactly because it does have a chewy, nutty texture. My favourite use is as part of a stuffing for squash.

        I have used leftover rice or couscous in scrambled eggs with whatever veggies I have on hand. It makes sense that quinoa would also be a great combination.

    • So glad you liked this, Jodi!
      If you stop by on this post, I wrote to Joanne Sisco a rough recipe for making a “fried rice” way of preparing quinoa. It may get someone starting to experiment with flavors like a General Tso’s sauce or a sweet’n sour with fried egg or chicken chunks. 🙂

    • I absolutely love bacon and scrambled or fried eggs, Dan! 😉
      The way I don’t have this every day is to use this as a “special treat” while eating out! I could never have a whole package of bacon in my fridge or I would be making it a daily addition to salads, BLT sandwiches, with eggs and fried potatoes, onions and cheese. . .
      I went through a long two years losing what I gained from being with my last husband, a WVa man. He loved my gravy over biscuits, bacon, eggs and everything which made my own cholesterol and weight go crazy. (No problem for some people, just not good for me. Of course, this was not why we broke up!)

      • Well, if you made good biscuits and gravy, he’s probably missing you 😉 I can’t be eating full breakfasts all the time, but they happen a little more frequently than a special treat. A special treat is when I add a short stack of pancakes.

  2. I wonder if I’d like it like porridge? I eat Oatmeal, or Cream of Wheat nearly every day if it’s like oatmeal I’d probably like it. I don’t care for Quinoa in salads and stuff really. I eat it, but don’t really like it.

    • First, you have the opportunity to boil this like I do with wheat bulghur, cream of wheat and oatmeal. If you like it chewy, you would stop, take a wooden spoonful and put it in a cold bowl (don’t burn your tongue!) then taste and test the texture.
      Deborah, I like the fact that quinoa is a nice change of pace. I’m like you, enjoy other hot breakfast cereals, too.:) Maybe borrow a cup of quinoa from someone who already has a bunch (?) xo

    • I usually am a “shortcut” person so I make a big, plain batch of quinoa in a big pot. Then, I can dip into it
      If I need a side with my dinner, I can make it cheesy, buttery or a “fake fried rice.”
      Thank you, Chris! Enjoy. 🙂

    • I make a big batch of this or other grains boiled up on Sunday, Diana. Then, daily choose to scoop some into a bowl, add ingredients and cover in the microwave.
      Breakfast made easy. 🙂
      Often, it tastes good as a “fake fried rice” with a sweet n sour or General Tso’s sauce, peas, carrots, peppers, water chestnuts. . . add a fried scrambled egg or any add on protein (shrimp, chicken or beef chunks) to warmed mixture. Yummy!

    • Oh, my dear! I also sub this for potatoes or rice, to make more of a healthy choice. ❤
      So glad you already eat this, so I know you aren’t going to need recipes. hugs xo

    • Thanks, Beth! 🙂
      I like making a big pot on Sunday, subbing quinoa for potatoes or rice. You will enjoy on a winter morning’s breakfast.
      Also, you may expand to cheesy quinoa, spicy, taco-flavored ground hamburger or my favorite “fried rice” with carrots and peas, minced onions and peppers, then I add a protein source like scrambled eggs, shrimp, diced chicken and steak. I have learned how to make a lighter sweet n’ sour sauce.

  3. I only do protein for breakfast – generally a hard boiled egg (for dopamine precursors) – but I sometimes eat “breakfast for dinner” – especially oatmeal (with raisins & cinnamon) – since carbs are serotonin precursors and help with sleep. I’ll have to check out how quinoa affects neurotransmitters. Meanwhile, I’ll give it a try for an oatmeal replacement for a “midnight snack” – 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    • I ate protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner during my two year diet, but lots of good veggies and for some reason became attached to my nightly bowl of cottage cheese. I guess it was like ice cream but I did no carbs for two years to lose 45 lbs. . . So glad I got through that phase of my life! 😀 xo

      • I’ll BET! But so worth it, right? I’m sure your heart thanks you too – those W.Va. biscuits & gravy breakfasts are tough on the poor thing!

        I like cottage cheese and canned peaches (drained) as a dessert. Weird, huh?

      • No, I would never say someone’s food choices are weird! Canned peaches have become even better now that they use natural syrup in the cans. Even though drained, I like the fresh flavor. . . Yum!
        My diabetic friend who lives in Mississippi told me when she walks in a mall, she smells those cinnamon buns and her mouth salivates. She is allowed to have a piece or two of (quality) whole grain bread so she will say as we hang up: “Going to use a teaspoon of butter and Splenda with cinnamon!” I usually go right to the kitchen and make my own version. (I like brown sugar and cinnamon.) xo

      • Always happy when I bring smiles to my friends. 🙂 😀
        You accomplished what I look up to, Madelyn!
        I think it is so cool you followed your dream of acting, Madelyn. When I was in high school I belonged to Thespians, was an understudy, worked with the makeup and costuming teams and finally, our theatre director and drama teacher, Miss Frazier, chose me to be the senior student director.
        I had one friend who was in acting camp one summer who went to Juilliard school of acting, (Rebecca Rothgery).
        Another who I really didn’t know well, Patricia Heaton, went on to play a wife and mother on, “Everyone Loves Raymond” and “The Middle.” She graduated between my brother’s in school.

      • Cool! We have that in common. You never know what will happen when you step out and take a chance, right?

        I enjoyed directing more than I thought I ever would (even in High School), but my first love was acting. I wish my folks could have afforded to send me to Julliard or Yale – but I got a lot of great experience the State School they could afford (U of Tenn – which was excellent at the time I was there). We have more than a few alums who made a living in the biz, and a few who actually made it.

      • My friend, Becky, received a scholarship there. She had anxiety and eventually did not finish but did catch a musician and orchestra director in the making’s eyes. They are still married and not sure since his name is rather a common last name, how to find out if they are still in Texas or somewhere else. I did go to a piano concerto he performed in Cleveland. Many moons ago. She was one of my bridesmaids, (first time) but we were close mainly in middle school.
        U of Tenn is a fantastic school and of course, it is the way you put lessons into practice that makes life (and acting) meaningful!

      • Becky probably married the only man in NYC who wasn’t uber-focused on career! So sorry that she couldn’t complete however, especially since she had a scholarship.

        I don’t keep up with UT – but I still have friends in Knoxpatch who keep up with the football team.

  4. Add some fresh blueberries and it’ll be really healthy. I’m getting some that are grown in California that are plump and sweet. (local HEB, a great Texas grocery) I cook quinoa also but not often enough.

    • Oh, I do love fresh berries! Thank you very much for this comment about a particular local store. I like a community market until out Farmer’s Market starts on the downtown sidewalks here on Wed. evenings and Saturday mornings. 🍒 🍇 🍓 🍎 xo

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