Thursday’s Doors ~ close up of The Barn at Stratford, post #2


The old stone bricks, 

red doors with white door frames

and black stripe and hinges,

along with the typical 

split barn doors.

Please check out 

Norm Frampton’s

blog where other doors with links

will possibly lead you into or

through door frames to

other worlds or 

countries at:

Hope you have fun picturing 

horses with their curious

faces peering out and 

wondering if someone

may drop by with

an apple or fresh hay.

🍎   🐎  πŸŒΎ  πŸ΄


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    • I love that the family kept it as long as they could, with many updates, Deborah.
      The historical society has come up with a form of “revenue” in allowing the building to be rented for wedding receptions, reunions and gatherings.
      I could picture this with those tiny white or clear twinkle lights wrapped around the wooden interior beams and posts. White netting adding details on wooden tables and simple country style decorations. Ooh, daisies or tiger lilies would be so welcoming in large Mason jars or terra cotta flower pots of mums. . . xo

      • I was looking up to find out if the width of those hinges helps hold the doors together. When I see details like that, I always wonder. In the time when that bark was built, they didn’t waste time or money on decorative details very often, there was usually a practical reason as well.

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