Thursday’s Doors ~ side view of The Barn at Stratford, post #4


Pretty brick designs on

antique stoned walls,

sides of the large red barn.

I had never gotten out of my car,

passing this large, well-kept barn

at least once or twice monthly

for over thirty years. The “back road”

on our family’s way Home.

The black shuttered attic vent

is decorated with red painted frame

and has a semi-circular brick arch.

Although no doors here, more than

enough found on the first published

Thursday’s Doors today whose 

Host, Norm Frampton, is found here:

Hope you enjoy discovering the

Joy of doors and their photographers.


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    • Thank you, Pauline! I think our lives travel at “warp speed” (Star Trek term for super-fast!) We don’t mean to put our blinders on and miss the beautiful things around us. Most barns today are a combination of wood plus metal. The stonework was a complete and pleasant surprise to me! πŸ™‚

  1. I pass by many million things each day on my way to work but I seldom notice them all for their beauty. Often I stop for something and discover absolutely amazing things too! Speaking of the barn you’ve discovered, I love the reds in the otherwise plain brick walls πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Aishwarya! Your words were meaningful since you shared your own busy life and how you “seldom notice. . . beauty.”
      I’m pleased the red bricks helped you enjoy this view, dear. xo

  2. I like that whoever built/designed this barn took the time and effort to make it decorative, as well as functional. He (most likely) did not have to put in decorative details, but chose to do so.

    • Merril, this is a valuable addition since I didn’t really think about how the barn could have been built with only function in mind. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked around the building to find the brickwork in diamond patterns.

      • It must have a nice surprise. I like looking up at the old buildings in Philadelphia, and there are such cool little artistic flourishes on many of them. It’s even more fun on a barn. πŸ™‚

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