Dandelion’s first pick


Although little Hendrix is a toddler,

he’s discovering his surrounding world.

Childlike wonder, studying so much,

makes onlookers remember how

some precious “first’s” changed

our lives ~ feel free to add one

or more to the comments.

My first puppy, our first

kiss, a last grandchild. 


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    • Thank you, Holly. He’s a very good grandie, curious and not too cranky. πŸ™‚
      All children should be given love as if our most valued treasures. This was a very thoughtful part of your comment. ❀

      • They truly are to be cherished, I ‘m afraid there is so much pressure an stress to make a living and perhaps get involved in other things that are not so good that a lot of our little ones are not getting the proper attention they need to become good people. I see it in our schools, even our first graders are way too sophisticated these days and yes, spoiled. ❀

      • Holly, very valid points. As a middle school teacher I vowed I would stay home with my kids when I had them. My mom taught but we saw her as late as any other parents since she was drama or debate or ? Coach.
        I had a1, 3 and 5 year old as a single mom and watched 5 kids. (Daycare license needed for 6) Drove a three-seater station wagon and only twice in 9 years needed help with car trouble. One woman cut my kids’ hair for a Saturday night overnight with her 3 kids. It was rather a barter system but I am glad I did this. I hear parents say they missed their kids stuff. I took the first day of school pictures and parades in the school for Dr Seuss days or Invention convention days. Also, could once all in school- volunteer to help for parties. πŸ™‚ Just trying to stay in touch is a challenge these days even harder with technology and gaming. Thanks for listening and sharing. xo πŸ’•

      • I was a stay at home mom til my kid was off to school and even then I managed to work early shift to get home when he did. It’s hard now I know, but I have some friends who are teaching and they are burned out even with first graders that are so out of hand and face no consequence for bad behaviour. We will regret this. Already we see the problems. xo πŸ’•

    • This is most kind, Derrick. Thank you for all of this, especially loving the photo. He was totally walking around and pulling off the tops of the dandelions at this park. I was transfixed, then got my cellphone off the picnic table. πŸ™‚

    • This was a special and loving message, Amy! I truly do try to live in the moment and enjoy it! Hendrix is a charmer. If you lived close, we could follow him around the park looking at nature. 🌾🐦🌌

  1. You captured a precious moment with Hendrix. He is growing fast!
    Of all my ‘firsts’, there was the first (and only) time I skipped school. It was a beautiful April day. I was a HS junior. A senior who had a car and knew I was a skier asked me if I wanted to go skiing on one of the last days the closest ski area was open. We had a great day of skiing, but it was hard to cover my secret because I got sunburned. Years later I learned that my mother knew I had skipped school and gone skiing, but she never questioned me about it at the time. – Mike

    • I know it is a trite and overused expression but I have to say, “If only I could put a brick on his head” to keep him from growing any older, Mike.
      I liked that your mother knew of your “skiing espionage.” She surely knew you were a good student and never broke rules. . . sometimes looking the other way is a wonderful way to handle this sort of thing. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for sharing one of your personal “firsts” and only time. It’s funny she didn’t slightly hint (or imply) by saying, “Gee, Mike, I wonder how you got that sunburn?”

    • I love blowing the dandelions, too! I have always felt they didn’t bother me in our back yards. I did inherit my Mom’s tendency to dig them up in the front yard and throw them in the compost pile. 🌻

    • April, I love how you said this: “a little child with a handful of wishes.”
      So glad you enjoyed this and said it was one of your favorites. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure he would like to pull the flowers off the stems. Hendrix likes the fluffy dandelion seeds more than pulling the invasive roots!Thanks for calling him a “sweetie,” Anneli. xo 🌻

    • Oh my goodness! I do like the idea of making his photo into a set of blank notecards, Luanne!! Thanks for this enthusiastic and warm response to Hendrix picking dandelions.
      Hope you and your Gardener have been relaxing and enjoying the change in seasons. ❀ Micah went with me to my Mom’s and we hung out with my brothers, sister in law, Felicia and went to the beach. Hugs xo

      • What about making it into a Christmas gift that way? It’s truly beautiful! It’s now hot here, of course, so ick. But on the other hand it is consistently sunny. Until the monsoons begin . . . . I hope you enjoyed the beach! that sounds great! xo

      • This is a really nice idea, Luanne! xo

        It was such fun watching Micah get invited to join another family’s ball games (beach ball and football) as well being buried in the sand.
        There was a light breeze off the lake.
        Sorry about icky heat. πŸ€”
        Luanne, we are so lucky to have been raised in a nice area, with the Great Lakes close by.

      • Oh, it all sounds so wonderful. My favorite time in Michigan is summer, and I probably will be there when mom has her surgery.

  2. You have the ability to take the most lovely photos Robin – it’s hard to understand why you went so long with a photo-less blog. Do you remember those days? This shot of little Hendrix would be beautiful framed – or even used as the guide for a painting, wouldn’t that be precious! I love the little face, showing how he is so utterly involved in the moment of plucking a dandelion. ‘Lest ye be as little children…..’ πŸ™‚ ❀

    • You’re so right about my “early days” of blogging, Pauline. πŸ’
      If that man two years ago hadn’t stolen my cellphone, I’d be using “words to express what pictures say.” It was such an adjustment! It helped build more rapport and closeness between blogging friends. It changed the direction and purpose of my blog, to tell the truth!

  3. GO HENDRIX, GO! SAVE THE PLANET FROM DANDELION SEEDS!!!! (Would it be too harsh to ask if Nana could rent you out to pick dandelions?—Too big a job for even us big boys—let him have fun till he tires of it—which may be soon!)

    This post is what I NEEDED–very much! πŸ™‚

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