Be Present


It is the warmth of early morning sun,

Sometimes the golden glow of day off,

Mostly sun rising on way to work.

It’s the vibrancy of green grass,

parallel lines, upon the tall

water tower, shimmering.

The sky’s swatches of 

dove-gray lavender

velvet with layer

of white cotton.

It is now.

It is real.

Never mind, 

power lines

and distractions.

Pay attention:

Be present.

This is life.


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    • Thank you, Sylvia. I am blessed and these moments overwhelm me sometimes. Water is precious to have available. Hope all is serene and beautiful in your day, dear. ๐Ÿ•Š โค

    • A sincere thank you, Shehanne.
      I am so sorry for how people in different parts of the world are facing daily water shortages, accidents, deaths and feel so lucky for my special, little blessings. Love ya, gal! xo

    • You’re welcome, Mike. I had not watched the news when someone pointed out recent tragic occurence still unwinding. . . It just hurt my heart. Then, I had my two granddaughters cross the room to get their bedtime snack and this simple photo of a water tower clicked and the words tumbled out. We take for granted so much! Thanks for your stopping by. . .

    • Chris, thanks for telling me this line struck you as something you liked. We take water and it’s ready availability for granted as well as so many parts of our lives. . .
      The world is going crazy lately in areas we usually don’t hear so much bad happening.
      The sun behind my car on way to work almost propels me to make a U-turn! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh, just happy to be able to share my “everyday” passing of available water. I took a moment to pull into a driveway. The everyday moments count so much in times of turmoil, Dan.

  1. I had to smile about the power lines. In front of my house whenever I take a picture of our great view, I have those darned power lines. They have annoyed me for years, ruining my photos. Sometimes I’ve tried to photoshop them out of the pictures, but I won’t do that anymore after reading this. It’s real, and it’s life. They’re there, so they will have to stay in my photos. Thanks for reminding me that this is life.

  2. ‘Never m ind the power lines, this is real, this is life’ may well become the mantra for accepting the difficult alongside the easy, the ugly alongside the beautiful and a general reminder that life is not meant to be perfect! Well said Robin!! I wrote this down in case I ever need such words for a painting……… xoxo

      • I agree. I mean, we are reading, right? It’s funny because I go out with my daughter in the evening so she can scooter up and down the block and I used to bring my phone out and read my blogs on it all the time. There’s a kind of nosy neighbor who’s always teasing me about getting off my phone while she’s riding around, but he doesn’t understand…I’m reading!! Anyway, now I don’t blog so much and was also getting overages on my data so I bring a book out instead and he doesn’t say a word. But he doesn’t realize, either way, I’m still reading!

      • Either way, you are reading!! I agree, Marissa. I tell people “I’m studying” ; which I do learn a lot on my friends’ blogs! This works with my grandchildren! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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