Weeds, 1.  Nature versus man



with weathered,

worn wooden fence

and barbed wire

protected from cars,

trucks and passers-by.

This side of the railing is

full of yellow-gold weeds.

Thank you to my friends,

Pauline and Anneli for

their suggestion of yarrow

as the name of the wildflower!  

In emerald green grass

lie white flowering clover

and intermittent dandelions.

Rascals wild and rambunctious all,

No wonder there’s a gate to hold 

you safe and protected from 

far worse and dangerous



These poetic thoughts

created by Robin and

photograph taken by her.



41 responses »

    • Awww, Shey! Thanks, my lovely. xo 💖
      I really wonder about our crazy leader choosing to get us out of the commitment for our environment and climate. What are we protecting?!

  1. It might be yarrow Robin, I’m not sure as I can’t see clearly enough – the eyes are going 😀 Whatever it is, it is lovely. I love to see the wildflowers flowering freely on the road sides and in the fields when they are allowed to do so. I even like dandelions and buttercups and clover – live and let live I say 😀 I hope you have a wonderful week xo

    • Pauline, this could be yarrow since the stems are thick like stalks. . . So far, this is the best guess! 😉
      I believe wildflowers are beautiful and enjoy their being able to grow freely. I agree with the ones you mentioned, too. All seem so pretty and graceful.
      Thanks for your best wishes for the week ahead. Felicia is having arthroscopy on Wednesday due to scar tissue and she has had rheumatoid arthritis since age 13. I’ll sleep over after work tomorrow and stay with her on Wed.
      I hope your week goes pleasantly, dear. xo ❤

  2. I would say man controls nature in the same way a leopard controls the jungle. I don’t know if that makes sense. It was simply the first thought that popped into my mind. – Mike

    • I like the comparison, Mike. I think we could be more “cunning,” though.
      Well, we do have minds and ability to damage forests, strip ground and take away animals’ refuge in nature. I just have wished we could try to keep it in our national budget to take care with environmental responsibility. 🐧🌱🐆🌲🐋

  3. What a lovely scene, Robin. I love the flowers sprinkled in with the beautiful green grass. So many wildflowers aren’t much more than weeds unless you really take a look at them and appreciate their sweet qualities. You have an observant eye! 🙂

  4. Girl that is rag weed. It’s the prettiest thing ever but when it blooms Ahhhh-chooo for me! It hasn’t bloomed here yet but oh I know it’s coming. Usually all the prettiest bloom first in my wildflower field! Lovely photo and poem! ❤

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