Weeds, 2.  Rusty wire fairy tale


There are three or four

different patterns of green leaves,

one has spikes and prickers.

Rusty barbed wire contrasts

from gentle ladies in waiting.

Miniature daisies are called

something else, as the 

yellow-gold weeds 

most likely aren’t


Seems like a fairy tale 

about ready to unfold.

Pretty princess sisters,

unable to suppress their giggles

and affectionate responses.

White daisy princes with

feathery petal crowns

look askance and

amused to see such 

a vivid collection of sisters!

How ever will they choose a wife

and royal partner, here among

the weeds, so fine and dandy?


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  1. Oh how pretty they are …. I often ponder what ‘weed’ really means when so often the weed flowers and leaves are amongst the prettiest. As for your script – it is adorable … just liltingly sweet and I love it xo

    • Fiona, I wonder where the root of “weeds” came from? I should investigate!
      I absolutely love the way you dish out such sweet compliments!! Thanks for your kind words, dear. xo

      • I have always felt that it is no effort to pay compliments where they are due and that if I enjoy receiving them, then I should enjoy giving them too xo

  2. Now that I see the close-up of these flowers, I need to take back my suggestion that they are a type of yarrow (which is what they looked like from a distance in your previous blog post). They’re very pretty even if they are called weeds.

    • Anneli, it was helpful to give me a guess and glad you tried! 🙂 I’m not sure if there would be photos on a “weed identification” website? One of these days, I may find time to search. . .

    • It is strange how the whole idea of weeds captured my eyes everywhere I drove. I may follow this up in another few weeks.
      I love those blue cornflowers, orange tiger lilies and white Queen Anne’s Lace! Thanks, Jay. 🙂

    • Those miniature “daisies” may not even be related to daisies. I love their feathery white petals, Pauline.
      So grateful for your fine investigative skills! 🙂 I was commenting to Anneli, wondering if there was a “weed identification website?” (!!) xo ❤

    • Oops, you’re Pauline!
      I was commenting to Anneli. . .
      (I’ll edit this later!)
      I am thinking this Texas flower called Maximilian Sunflower appears similar, Pauline. 🙂 Yay, for your investigative skills!!
      This means “my” yellow wildflower is related but not necessarily the same. The way the flowers in the ones I found are ” in a bunch” seems like a different flower system. Who am I to know? Thank you! xo

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