Thursday’s Doors ~ Janes’ House, distant view


This house sits on some acreage,

a great expanse of green.

This four-pillared home

once belonged to the

Janes’ family  in

the 1820 -1840’s,

founding members

of the mill owner’s family.

This house has the white

barn with hex symbols set

back and down a winding road.

(The post with barn which matches

this whitewashed brick home 

may be found on May 25, 2017.)

Traveling back into the 1800’s

here in my small town to a

beginning industry and 

series of barn posts.

Still would like to

thank those who 

read my doors’

posts and go

check out the

Thursday’s Doors

manager, Norm

Frampton at:

Have fun exploring Norm’s doors

and his blue frogs which link us

to centuries of doors of all kinds.


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    • It is a rather looming presence, Beth. Would be interesting to see the inside of this house. Happy freedom of summertime! I liked the pretty farewell card you chose on your blog to the kinders. . .

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m very tall, maybe it’s because I was brought up in a very large house but I do crave that space that I perceive in there. The perception is well received because your photos and your script evoke it!

    • I feel this could become cozy and comfortable but still,as you wish, have plenty of space and not feel “boxed in,” Fiona. πŸ’— So happy you felt my story to go with the picture evoked this positive and “spacious” perception. I was telling my friend that I could just imagine a beautiful live tree and old fashioned decorations for Christmas. 🌲 πŸ™‚

  2. If I had a house like that, I would turn it into a guest house or B&B. It looks welcoming and well-kept for a house of that age. I think couples might like to have their wedding on the lawn and take their honeymoon here. – Mike

    • Mike, this was a very wonderful way to imagine this house. I can “see” this as a place to hold an outdoor wedding. πŸ’• πŸ’ 🎩 The bed and breakfast use is brilliant, too. Thanks so much!

  3. That’s a beautiful house, Robin. It appears to be in very good shape for its age.I’m not normally fond of painted stone, but I like the look of the worn whitewashed treatment.

    • I understand your normal reaction ot thought behind viewing whitewashed bricks, Dan. I have heard that it isn’t quite as clean nor formal in appearance. I’m glad in this case you don’t mind this worn or weathered look. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m not altogether sure if I like the architecture of this house Robin – it seems a bit mismatched to me, the stone and the pillars …….. Maybe I would feel differently if I saw inside it or from another angle. I wonder what I’ll see in the next two posts πŸ™‚

    • I think the stone could do with being painted. BUT, it is so different from anything here in Scotland that it is a treat to see. I love the glimpses of these different corners of a planet we share x

      • It’s very different to anything here also Shehanne – I quite like the shabby stone work – but that’s me, just slightly worn and shabby πŸ˜€ You are right though, it is wonderful to see all the differences and the samenesses too…….

      • Shehanne (and in case this goes to Pauline) I love the way you appreciate this house and its unique history! πŸ’•
        Even if the worn white bricks aren’t quite what you would like, I do think some people go ahead and white wash their furniture and homes to make it fit a “shabby chic” look popular again, these days. πŸ™‚

      • I wish traveling to “different corners of the planet” weren’t so costly. We would all rather hang out and spend an hour together over coffee, tea, or a beverage to talk in person! xo

      • I would LOVE to hang out with you. God yes. I love all the glimpses you share of your life and truly I think that we see our place on the planet as our place and other places are probably the same. So I also love seeing the very different scenery, houses, streets where you are because the places are not the same. We don’t have houses like this one and look at that flat rolling lawn. Closer up as on your other pic, the brickwork looks right and the house has a different look to it. I love shabby chic actually. I did my dining room out that way. x

      • Ooh! I love the idea of your shabby chic dining room, Shey! xo
        I had such a long 4 days at work, plus my youngest daughter Felicia (31) had a mass by her knee removed while I was with her at hospital and stayed overnight Wednesday. I had thought it might be scar tissue but the doctor made me get a cold grip on my heart, telling me post surgery, “It’s probably not cancer!” Heavens, I hadn’t even worried about that! They sent the cells off for biopsy and am glad she hadn’t worried either.
        So much fun to just think of happy things like last night, two baseball games, little Micah’s team won and brother Skyler’s won and ice cream afterwards. :)🍦

      • I am having a wee smile at your ‘I hadn’t even thought about that.’ Glad everything is fine though. You are a busy busy lady right now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Thanks, it is fine to smile (especially a “wee” one) at my not thinking of a more serious outcome for Felicia’s knee. It was a huge relief! πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Pauline! I had a long day at work so this is a rather late reply. I understand your ambivalence in this rather eclectic house. I have a theory and not sure it could be verified. What do you think of the architect admiring the formal houses of Europe and tried to “imitate” them. This one may have fallen short in its design. . .
      I have liked thinking about white Christmas lights and an old fashioned sleigh on the lawn and a pretty Christmas tree inside. Ooh, maybe one more on the little balcony! πŸŒ²πŸŽ„

      • I did wonder if the architect wanted to emulate the beautiful Southern Mansions of your country with the portico – so you could well be right! The house is quite European, but with the entrance borrowed from the South – We have solved the mystery Robin! πŸ™‚ I imagine it could be beautifully decorated for Christmas. I do hope you go back and check it out at that time for us. xoxo

      • I will check it out but I think it sits there rather “stoic and solemn!” I just paint in my mind a prettier existence for the beautiful house. hugs xo

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