Thursday’s Doors ~ close up of Veritas


The etched glass design has

three panes, little beaded look,

etched glass panels like square in

the middle. It appears as an artistic

reminder of the past, but uncertain

this is truly antique. I trust you 

will inform me, as some have

wandered in door sample

departments of home

improvement stores.

I like the full image

since it really has

what some may

call “curb appeal.”

This Thursday’s Doors

is a part of a community

of door photo collector’s.

Who knows what you may 

discover on Norm Frampton’s

blog where links will take you to

more doors than you ever saw!

It may lead you to join his

door collecting “gang.”

Check out:

Have a great ending of your week!


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    • Well, this is a lovely and decorative door!
      In our town we have a place called Restore. The money from sales of “used” or “recycled” building materials goes to our local Habitat for Humanity. There are always cool doors and other items. My friend who does plumbing on the side, purchases tubs, toilets and sinks there. 🙂

      • That’s cool that it’s from the Restore. I am familiar with the Restore concept. The closest Restore to us is about 45 minutes away.

      • I almost always have grandies. Ball games and pool time. Work was hot, over 80 degrees in warehouse and over 45 hour week, counting tomorrow.
        Sorry to hear of the medical procedures and all that goes with this, Jonathan. You’ll be in my prayers.

      • Thanks, Robin! Last night (Friday) I came home with the big Master key ring in my pocket. Didn’t realize it till at our side door! Was allowed to sleep a few hours and return them this morning. No wonder I’m accepting a nurse to come in and help me remember my meds! 🙂

    • I meant to say frosted glass square in the middle since it has a textured look to some of the opaque parts, Shey. xo
      Are you excited about the historical play and your part in it? Now, all of you ladies take this in theatrical “speak” and “Break a leg!” 🌹🌹

    • Jan! I do feel it has a “cool” look to it and meant to call the opaque glass pieces “frosted glass.” I don’t suppose it matters but thought this also added interest to the door. Thank you!

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