Thursday’s Doors ~ Veritas Restaurant


A restaurant with small plates,

shared with others, known 

in Spanish as “tapas.”

Veritas stands for 

Truth in Latin.

Truly a kind man and

Host, Norm Frampton

invites you to visit his blog

and check out blue frogs which

link to world of Thursday’s Doors:

Happy door visiting and 

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  1. Such a welcoming entrance to the restaurant, Robin, framed by the two trees in tubs and lots of flowering pots. I’ve had tapas and would love to go one day! Wishing you a lovely day! 😀❤️

    • Annika, if only we could create our own time travel paths to come together! Bring our arms to hug, plenty of time to linger over our tapas (order dessert tapa plate and share!) Wouldn’t it be nice not to have time restrictions? Thanks for your warm, beautiful thoughts shared here. They are like treasures.
      I hope you have a special weekend! xo 🏵

    • It really has had renovations inside and brought out the positive qualities of this older building, Shehanne! The tapas are rather “pricey” and yummy. The reservations book is packed and those front windows open for breezes! xo

  2. I agree that this entrance looks welcoming and charming. We were discussing the word “veritas” over the weekend at my daughter’s house. And we were drinking wine, so “In vino veritas.” 🙂
    I like sharing food like this. Does it serve Spanish tapas?

    • In Spain, tapas are free appetizers served on small plates that perch on top of a margarita or other wide mouth goblet. If you have a specific description of certain Spanish tapas, I would love to hear about how they taste and what they consist of, Merril.
      It would be cool to tell Mom, since we talked about this post over Memorial Day weekend. Funny, huh?
      The ones I like are fried sweet potato crisps (“frites”) with brown sugar sprinkled on them while hot and order another plate of vegetables, asparagus and brussel sprouts with a spicy mayonnaise.

      The cream cheese “cake” is actually “deconstructed,” graham cracker crumbs over sweetened cream cheese, sliced strawberries held by stems, berries along edge. We spent a lot for what we received. Felicia and I thought it was fun to try with her friends, Jonida and Jerry. We both later felt we were still hungry, though. 😀

      • It’s been a while since I’ve had actual Spanish tapas, so I don’t remember. I do remember going to a place with friends in Boston–and one dish was incredible lima beans. We did “small plates” tapas style a few weeks ago when we went to a Cuba Libré in Philadelphia. I agree, that it gets expensive. 🙂

  3. I love tapas. Have been fortunate to spend time in Spain and it is such a lovely way to eat with others. The restaurant looks so welcoming and the name is a surely a winner. xo

    • Do you remember any specific ingredients or a description of a Spanish food item on these small plates, Fiona? Mom couldn’t really say since she thinks we had mainly dinners of Spanish stew (“paella”), steak tartare, some layered, baked dishes and we loved tamales.
      We were talking over Memorial Day weekend and she remembers they serve small plates free with large mouth goblets with possibly just bites of a fried, savory meat pie. Her high school Spanish Club joined my brother’s and my Spanish Club when we traveled way back in Spring, 1974. Thanks for the lovely scene you described sharing tapas in Spain, dear. xo 💖

    • Chris, I agree! So nice you noted “artistic” and “attract you!” They have improved (updated) the look by choosing nice colors which don’t detract from the building.
      I think they are lucky to stay packed to the brim and get so many reservations! Although this was a treat paid for by my youngest daughter’s friend, Jerry, we felt it was a splurge!
      If we do this again, we would probably go in for a drink and share one tapa as a snack or a coffee and split a dessert tapa. 🙂

    • Marissa, I agree with your idea that they chose to use the design features of simple and bright! It does bring a modern look to an old brick building downtown! I think the large front windows that open are modern, too. So glad you liked this!

    • I enjoyed this treat and would do this again for a special occasion, Anneli. My youngest daughter, Felicia’s friend, Jerry chose this place to try, he paid for it all and we enjoyed her friend Jonida coming along, too.
      The restaurant was impeccable in their food preparation with artsy flairs and garnishes. We would go in for a beverage or coffee, order an appetizer tapa or dessert plate to share.

    • Deborah, they did a fine job of turning an old downtown building into something special and “new” looking! Your comment about the color scheme was apropos,since it gave it a certain pizzazz.:)
      I like the rusty mailbox which resembles a purse in burnt sienna leather and those large windows to open and allow evening breezes in. 🙂

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